Olive for your tini?? #Weekoftheolive

Olive for your tini?? #Weekoftheolive

Workout Date:






The Thang:

After receiving turn by turn directions from last night, YHC was ready to deliver the final beat down for the #WeekOfOlive at his home away from home in Grand Strand at #TimeShare.
Knowing how close the AO is to my condo, I decided to run a #standard door to door. Upon exiting the wind tunnels of Avista, I quickly realized that I was underdressed for the occasion as the winds were quite chilling.
I Moseyed to the launch point and shortly folks started arriving. Greetings and introductions were in order as we had a brother from The Fort joining us as well.
The Shovel Flag arrived, I asked the pax for help as to where the park was being this was my first post at TS and we were off.
Warm O Rama
Mosey to the park, scan for a plant spot and circle up by the wall and just before the trail to the baseball field.
All exercise in cadence unless I say other wise
SSH x15
Toy Soldier x15
Windmill x15
Squats x15
Mountain Climbers x15
The Thang:
Head to the wall:
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
One Legged Step Up 10 Each leg OYO
Mosey around the pond for recon to see where YHC wants to explore next. Got some good ideas but one came to mind that could satisfy the hunger…wait…what is that smell? Bacon…oh man…The sweet smell of bacon during a beat down? If that wasn’t motivating enough to burn those extra calories for an extra piece. Wait, I digress…we were just starting the workout. Back to reality.
Head back to the wall and repeato:
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
One Legged Step ups 10 Each leg OYO.
Grab flag and mosey to courts to play a little tennis.
Pax line up on fence. Ladder suicides.
Pax run to each line and perform Merkin. As we get further and add a line, add a merkin. When all was said and done, the last line equaled 8 Merkins.
LBC’s x20
Repeat the above but this time with squat jumps. Long Duck channeled his inner cake boss and was showing up for extra credit with this star jump squats…nice work.
Low Flutters x20
What goes up must come down. Time to deconstruct.
Now packs run to far line, perform the 8 merkins and descend in line distance and count down to 1.
LBCs x20
Deconstruct again using the squat jumps from 8 down to 1.
Little fact…just did a bunch of burpees without doing a bunch of burpees…it’s the beach…I want to chill a little 😉
Still a little time so lets take a short mosey to the picnic tables behind us.
Lets keep it simple:
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
One Legged step up each leg OYO
Rinse and repeato one more time.
Simple yet effective…the Pax agreed or were just being nice not to hurt YHC’s feelings.
Mosey to launch pad…Beaker showed us short cut…now a little extra time.
Circle up
Lab Rat- Protractor…tough on the ass and the abs…5 years for me and first time doing this exercise
Cubby- Monkey humpers x15…Hello N. Main Street…Ya’ll like our bootie shaking?
Long Duck Big Boy situps x15
Beaker Hello Dolly x10 then Rosalita x10
Quick Sand Heels to Heaven x25 and the most enthusiastic turn death metal cadence EVER…and it was awesome…God welcomes all brother!
YHC- X’s and O’s and not the song…another butt bone pleaser.
1 Clean Crisp Burpee
Recover Recover
Beach Moleskin
From reading some back blasts, this AO has a lot to offer. The park was quite a surprise and much to do there.
Thank you men for the opportunity to Q. Looking forward to many more return trips to #TimeShare
Good to see a couple familiar faces and always fun to see other pax vacationing. Enjoy your time Long Duck!
Cubby’s directions were spot on.
Convo about Seinfeld, exposing, shrinkage and more during warm o Rama…
Surprise stain on Lab Rats shirt…may need CSI to investigate…
Dragon Boat Race
Converge next week for sales pitch to F3 Nation for 10 year anniversary beat down.
Thank you and selfless plug for OST and Virtual Run for the 8k
YHC took us out in prayer.
Thank you again for coming out and supporting brothers. I enjoyed it. Sorry for the lack of creativity.
Life Live. Own Every Second. Never, Never Take Anything For Granted.
Humbly Yours-

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