On A Scale From 1 to 10, The Bo Derek Beatdown is an 11!!

On A Scale From 1 to 10, The Bo Derek Beatdown is an 11!!

Workout Date:





Jetah, Lombardi, Candy Cane; Sunshine, Rubber, Gino; Pikachu; Cyclone; Brown Bag; Tiny Dancer, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Conditions: Perfect

You’ve all seen the movie “10” starring Bo Derek. Just kidding, I don’t even know if I have ever even seen the movie. . .but that doesn’t matter!

You can’t get the image out of your mind of Bo running on the sand with her ‘cornrows’ bouncing carefree in the breeze as the waves break in the background. The image of perfection: An image that was seared into our collective pre-pubescent memories!  

Even the Pax, who were born decades after the film, still instinctive look to Bo as the embodiment of beauty.  So it was an easy ‘hook’ to entice Pax to join YHC at The Plank today for an unprecedented BeatDown. If you saw the Tweet or the Slack message the night before, your curiosity was understandably piqued.  

The lingering question was: “What does Bo Derek have to do with a Beatdown?” In a word: Nothing or Everything. . . the only way to find out was to attend the Beatdown (or in hindsight, read this BackBlast).

As soon as YHC arrived at the AO, Candy Cane greeted me with a big smile and the words, “Bo Derek”. He, like the rest of the Pax as they arrived on site, had a little extra pep in his step and was anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 5:15.

At first there was just 4 of us standing around. When YHC said that we need at least 10 Pax in the Gloom for the Beatdown to work, Candy Cane snickered a little bit (as if that was expecting too much on this fine May morning), but I kept out hope that we would reach double digits. The Pax kept trickling in as we neared the One Minute Warning. There were 5, then 6, then 7 . . . 8 Pax, then 9!!

As I began my introduction, Pikachu arrived to give us a “Perfect 10” and as the Disclaimer was delivered, Rubber came hustling in to make our “ Perfect 10” an “11” just like Bo Derek!!!

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 10 Hairy Rockets IC; 10 Hillbillies IC; 10 Merkins IC; 10 Tempo Squats; 10 LBAC IC; 10 LBAC in Reverse IC; 10 Overhead Claps. As we did our warm up, Bo Derek Trivia was intermixed with the mumble chatter.

What year was “10” released?  . . . 1979

What other movies did Bo Derek star in? . . . Tommyboy, Orca, & Ghosts Can’t Do It (All Classic, Must See Movies)

What was Bo Derek’s favorite Rock Album in 1979?  . . . AC/DC (Highway to Hell)

How old was Bo Derek in 1979?   . . .  23 yrs old (This was an important number for later events)

Mosey to the Goal Line and Line up Shoulder to Shoulder for Proper Bo Derek Beatdown Instructions.


“The Bo Derek” – Because Bo Derek is a ‘10’, we would be doing every exercise today in reps of 10; in between each set of 10 reps, we will sprint 10 yrds. Therefore 10 reps at every 10 yrds = 100 total reps of each exercise called.

But wait there is Moore . . . just like Dudley’s character stated in the movie “Ten”, Bo Derek on a scale from 1 to 10 is an 11. So we all did an extra set of 10 reps on the far goal line giving each Pax 11 sets for a grand total of 110 reps (#CrowdPleaser). The exercises we did were for upper body, core, & legs.

The List

Exercise #1 – Merkins

Exercise #2 – SSHs

Exercise #3 – Squats

Exercise #4 – Carolina Dry Docks

Exercise #5 – Shoulder Taps

Exercise #6 – Lunges

Exercise #7 –  Wide Grip Merkins

Exercise #8 – Freddy Mercury’s

Exercise #9 – Jump Squats

Exercise #10 – Burpees ( YHC called an audible due to time restraints & instructed the Pax to complete 1 Burpee every 10 yds)(#TheRealCrowdPleaser)

The Totals: 1001 Reps & 1000 yds

With 2 minutes remaining, we circled up for 66 Flutter Kicks IC (which is Bo Dereks current age) +  “10” extra Flutterkicks IC just for fun!!! (YHC used his mental math skills to determine that Bo was born in 1956; then extrapolated to the present)

Time Called!



Announcements: Top Gun this Saturday; Freed to Bleed; Q Sheets are wide open for June; 7 Year Anniversary; Pelican’s Thirty Thursday Baseball 6.30.2022

Prayers & Praise: Bluegrass landed his dream job in the Upstate!! Prayers Unspoken.

NMMS: Tiny Dancer summed up today’s Beatdown, “Brutal”; It was so brutal, that YHC is back on IR again (right ankle)! Everyone did a great job today and I hope I’m the only one who limped away injured. If not, I’m sorry; otherwise you’re welcome!! Pikachu was visibly angered by this beatdown and is probably still harboring many unpleasant thought about YHC! Just like the fond memories of Bo Derek imbedded in our brains we now have another fond memory . . . “The Bo Derek Beatdown”!