On the 12th day of Christmas…

On the 12th day of Christmas…

Workout Date:





Kitten, Papyrus, Cheetah

The Thang:

Papyrus was waiting for me and Cheetah when we strolled into the lot at the PitStop. At 7:29, I gave the 1-minute warning, followed by the disclaimer at 7:30. We warmed up with:

20 ssh ic

20 ttt ic

20 iw ic

20 arm circles ic forward and reverse

15 dips ic

Since today was the 12th and final day of Christmas, we did a modified version of the 12 days of Christmas.

1 lap around the lot

2 American hammers, 1 lap

3 step-ups, 2 American hammers, etc.

4 Burpee broad jumps, etc.

5 lunges, etc.

6 big boys, etc.

7 plank jacks, etc.

8 burpees, etc.

9 ssh, etc.

10 jump squats, etc.

11 merkins, etc.

12 mountain climbers, etc.

We finished together right at 8:15. Prayers for Papyrus’ middle school students and all the challenges they’re dealing with.

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