One corner and some coupons

One corner and some coupons

Workout Date:





Buffett, Quaker, Chewy, Rubber, Flyover, Boxcar, Sunshine

The Thang:

I arrived early, right behind Boxcar. As I got out of the car and scoped out the construction at the AO, he watched me closely to make sure I did not start unloading cement blocks from my trunk.  Little did he know, they were already in place for the beatdown.  The remaining pax rolled in and we circled up.

1 minute warning


WARMUP with:

SSH x 25

IW x 21 (brisk pull-out #youhadtobethere)

TTT x 15

Windmill x 15

LBAC x 15 x forward, reverse, good morning



Grab a cinder block coupon.

One-Corner Escalator:

1 big lap around parking lot with coupon then:

20 American Hammers

Lap with Coupon

20 American Hammers

40 Merkins

Lap with Coupon

20  American Hammers

40 Merkins

60 Squats

Lap with Coupon

20 American Hammers

40 Merkins

60 Squats

80 LBCs

Lap with Coupon

Back down the escalator


11s with Coupons (Dips & Curls)



Count o rama

Name o rama

Announcements – Team Dad at CF Elementary, Monday 2/26, EH opportunity for hundreds of Dads.  Need lots of help running stations.  See Beaker’s Slack message from yesterday in Mumblechatter.

Prayed it out!


Have a great day men.  Thanks for all who come out & make me better.


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