One Hundred & One

One Hundred & One

Workout Date:





Rubber, SurfBoard (2.0); Frosty Pupil (F3CapeFear); Jingles (F3Aiken?); Vitamin D (Kotter?); Teddy Toe Touch; Elmers; DoughBoy; Jedah; Judge Judy; Fargo; Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Overcast and 59 degrees, perfect

YHC was looking forward to Qing the 1st Saturday at BombSquad! The numbers have been solid every week. Then someone let me know that the numbers might be light due to a Rucking event and the 25th annual MB Marathon. Even though Warthog was closed due to the Marathon, I was still unsure of what the turnout might be as I prepared for a good night sleep. Apparently, I was so focused on the numbers that I forgot to set my alarm on my phone.  Not to worry, though, I have a back-up, plugged-in alarm, that is until I accidentally knocked my phone off the night stand during the night. After falling, the phone landed perfectly on the off switch of the power strip. Unbeknownst to me, I now I had no phone alarm & no back up!!

Normally I get up around 4:30am for a beatdown, hit the snooze once or twice (unless there’s a pre-run) and I’m out the door by 4:55. Today however, I didn’t wake up until 5:56, barely had time to dress and raced out the door.

As I sped down CF Blvd, I passed a police cruiser lurking in the shadows. Luckily the ‘rollers’ never got switched on even though I was clocked at 63 mph. The officer must have sensed my urgency to get to the AO before my Q was commandeered!

As I squealed into the parking lot around 6:03am, the PAX were circled up & completing an exercise. I jumped out of the car and went straight to work (I didn’t even have enough time to strap on the legendary fanny pack!). I relieved Jedah from his substitute duties and this is what when down.

5:59 – 1 Minute Warning announced by Jedah

6:00 – Proper Disclaimer announced by Jedah

1st warm-up exercise led by Jedah

6:03 – YHC arrives

6:03:15 – 5 Penalty Burpees by YHC (YHC was happy to see that numerous Pax joined in the fun)

COP: 20 SSh IC; 15 Windmills IC; 15 TTT IC; 22 Merkins; 15 HillBillies IC; 15 Down Hill Skiers IC (led by Judge Judy as YHC retrieved the Shovel Flag from its super-secret stashed location);15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey around the perimeter of the AO (time to think) until we reached the Coupon Pile. Each Pax was instructed to take one Coupon and meet over at the Large Parking Lot.

Two teams were formed on the south end of the parking lot. Team 1 was led by Rubber.  Team #2 was led by YHC and had a secret weapon (#Surfboard).


Block Sliders – Each team had to push their block across the parking lot along the parking space lines. We did this 4 times in order to make a beautiful grid on the parking lot. The ‘Grid’ would be used later in the BeatDown but we ran out of time due to YHC’s initial tardiness.  (The Grid will have to wait until YHC’s next appearance)

101 Burpee Lot Shuffle

Mosey 2 lines then do 2 Burpees;  Mosey 2 lines then do 4 Burpees;  Mosey 2 lines then do 6 Burpees; etc., etc., until we reach 14 Burpees on the last line.

Mosey Back to the start

Mosey 3 lines then do 3 Burpees; mosey 3 lines then do 6 burpees; etc.; etc.; until we reach the last line for 15 burpees (total burpee count = 101)

Mosey back to the start

Mosey 5 lines . . .  wait for it . . . (YHC asked Jingles to call out an Exercise . . . I thought for sure he would say “Burpees”!! .  . . but NO! Turns out he is much nicer than YHC and he announced BBS.)

Mosey 5 lines then do 10 BBS; Mosey 5 lines then do 15 BBS; mosey 5 lines then do 20 BBS.  (That’s enough of that)

Mosey to the Blocks & circle up!

101 Block Curls

25 Curls on my “Up!’

Mosey to the Back Parking Lot & circle up

25 Curls on my “Up!’

Mosey to the Back Student Center Lot & circle up

25 Curls on my “Up!’

Mosey to the Back Canopy at the Student Center & circle up

25 Curls on my “Up!’

Quick 10 Count

1 Curl on my “Up!”

Mosey to the Football Field

101 Trivia

Line up along the Goal line. . .

Q: How long is a football field? . . . #Surfboard called out 100 yards (good answer but incorrect); then some wiseguy called out “1 yard” (also incorrect)

A: 120 yards answered correctly by Vitamin D (you have to include the end-zones)

3-2-1 Sprint . . . 101% for 101 yards

3-2-1 Sprint . . . 101% for 101 yards.

Return Blocks to the Coupon Pile.

Circle up on the Grass

101 Big Boy Sit-ups

20 BBS OYO then recover; 20 BBS OYO then recover; 16 BBS (for a grand total of 101 BBS)

Mosey to the Shovel Flag & Circle up

101 Flutter Kicks

50 Flutter Kicks IC (a.k.a. 100 single count FlutterKicks) then recover; 1 Flutter Kick (101 total Flutter Kicks)

101 Seconds of Stretching

7:00am – Time Called

Count-o-Rama = 11 + one 2.0



Prayer for Sunshine (His mother passed on Sunday); prayers unspoken

NMMS: “Win the Morning, Win the Day!” was the rallying cry.  Although we were missing some of our regulars today (BeefSteak, CrossStitch, & Spork and their 2.o’s were getting some 2nd F in Raleigh as the Pittsburgh Penguins battled the Carolina Hurricanes; Pikachu fresh off his Virtual 10K last week was not in attendance because he was laser focused on setting a PR for the MB 5K!; Candy Cane was kickin’ up powder with the snow bunnies; Rousey was Rucking; & ERC (aka SneakySneaky) was MIA) everyone was a winner & I was honored to lead this fine group of men.

MNMMS: If you’re going to be late for your Q, you might as well do it when CrossStitch (aka CrossDitch) is away for the weekend shirking his AOQ responsibilities! Just kidding!! 🙂



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