One minute at a time

One minute at a time

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High Interest


Brown Bag, Boxcar, Texas Ranger, Quaker, Skidmark, Crankbait, High Interest (QIC)

The Thang:

43 cold and rainy

Last night I began putting a plan together for my Q this morning. I wanted to try to bring something a little different as we all sometimes fall into the habit of DORA, 11s, etc. I got what I thought was a pretty good plan together and headed to bed after getting HCs from all of Team BLAK.

Then I woke up at 0420 and realized it was raining. Immediately I knew that meant the Team BLAK reunion was off because Boxcar doesn’t post in the rain, ever! I spent the next 20 minutes coming up with a less creative weinke that would keep us dry. Sure enough at 0450, the text from Boxcar arrived cancelling his HC. I was able to assure him that I had a dry Q planned. Got the thumbs up emoji reply and just like that Team BLACK was BACK! I’ll save my creative weinke for next month.

On the way out of the neighborhood, YHC passed Skidmark getting in his truck and an impromptu carpool came about. Pulled in at the Village at 0509 right behind a few other PAX. The PAX that were working out were instructed to grab a block and head under the awning. Four PAX, including Rubber with two Yeti cups full of something, headed indoors for the 3rd meeting for Every Man A Warrior. In total 7 PAX grabbed a block, although 2 of them only grabbed landscaping stones instead of cinder blocks (You know who you are Boxcar and Brown Bag).


0515 Disclaimer

0516 COP



15 IW IC

15 Hillbillies IC



The Thang

HIIT training – 5 rounds, 1 minute on, 20 second rest, 1 minute between rounds

Round1: Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Mtn Climbers, Burpees

(We learned during round 1 that┬áSkidmark thinks about this guy while he’s doing Mtn. Climbers)

Round 2: Curls, Lunges, BBSU, SSH, Burpees

Round 3: Overhead Press, Calf Raises, Flutter kicks, another exercise I can’t remember , Burpees

Round 4: Wide arm merkins, Side lunges, Freddie Mercury, jump squats, Burpees

Round 5: Curl & Press, Thrusters, Turkish Get ups, Flutter with block press, Burpees

Great work by all and mumblechatter was Elite today. No rain.

Time called. Blocks returned. BOM by YHC.


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