opening up those “cavities”

opening up those “cavities”

Workout Date:





One Call, Geno, Lombardi, Headgear, Hamburglar, Billboard, Bling

The Thang:

When Lombardi texts us and demands Q’s for Warthog….you better answer and answer quickly- that AOQ is not someone you want to mess with!  So, open date on 12/27, he asks, I accept!  Had just orchestrated an unbelievably awesome Waverucker Q 24 hours prior, so putting together this 45 beatdown was fairly easy- especially after Lil Nob made a comment at the Beachball game Wed night about how “easy” my rucking Q was.  #nicetobe18.

So here we go.  picked up my date at 0505 and off we went. (#carpoolchatter).  Weather- 45 and clear, rain coming later in the day.  Lets Q this on the fly!

PAX rolled in, mumble chatter started early, circled up for the 15 second warning.  gave a detailed and sincere disclaimer.  please take care of yourselves and your brother next to you.  Lets Roll Ladies

TTT- 20 IC

tight circle for hamstring stretch on each others shoulders.

Arm circles 20 F and 20 R IC

Mosey to bridge- circle up

IW- 20 IC

22 Merkins IC. #22Kills

Mosey to Orvis corner- circle up



partner up.  Geno/Billboard, One Call/Lombardi, Headgear/Hamburglar.  (I went solo as I have no friends……)

Partner #1- wall sit and count for Partner #2

Partner #2- 50 Rocky Balboas on the curb.  when you switch with partner, 5 burpees together, clapping hands at the top

Round 2 was 50 Calf Raises per PAX, repeat the 5 burpees as a team.

Mosey to the parking deck next to movie theater- all the way up to top for DORA- same partners for 300’s

300 crunches, 300 CDD, 300 SSH.  as Partner #1 runs down the stairs and back up the ramp to meet #1, 5 merkins together, clapping hands in between merkins.  this was a great push and hard work.  Kudos to Geno and Billboard for solid merkin form! Headgear and Hamburlar are too fast.

Keeping an eye on time, noted that we were at 0605 and needed to wrap up- teams were close on the SSH- so we ended a fraction early on the 300SSH.

rest/walk back down the incline- with 100 shoulder air presses as we caught our breath.  (we were all out of breath!). Back out on the street, Geno mentioned his heart rate wasn’t high enough, so I modified and added a few sprints to end the beatdown!

50 yard sprint to the corner, rest/walk 50 yards to next corner.  100 yard sprint to Orvis corner, rest/walk across street and bridge.  Circle up for 22 more merkins to honor those that serve.  We were at 0613 and almost home!  Mosey to the picnic tables (40 yards) and last sprint back to parking lot (about 100 yards). TIME.

Love Warthog- PAX are fantastic, they push, they poke fun, they work hard.  Honor to lead as always

prayers- for Headgears Dad Joe- waiting on proper medical help next week, Jill and her upcoming tests in Atlanta.



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