Workout Date:



1st Base


O'Douls, Pikachu, Kiwi (2xR), THE Single Barrel (R), Killington, Crabs, Judge Judy, Hedgehog, Laces, 1st Base (AOQ)

The Thang:

YHC was excited to lead his first proper Q out at Catapult since taking over AOQ duties. I had purchased an upgraded bluetooth speaker and had plans to use it as a timing method for some fairly basic circuits with some modifiers for those that wanted to push. Unfortunately, I did not anticipate problems with my new preferred streaming platform, so some improvisation was required.

Judge Judy was waiting when I pulled into the lot at 445, and after planting the flag we got in 2 miles before start of Catapult proper.

15 Hairy Rockettes, IC
15 Tempo Squats, IC 
10 Willie Mays Hayes, IC
15 Thru The Tunnel, IC 
15 Imperial Walkers, IC
22 Merkins, OYO
15 LBAC Fwd/Rvs
30 Cherry Pickers

The Thang

Long Lap to coupon pile, where PAX where instructed to pick a coupon of their choice and line up along the fence in the big lot.

After 2 minutes of trying to get music going, workout was modified to the following:

Starting at the beginning of the line, PAX will take turns moseying to the end of the parking lot and back. When not moseying, PAX will cycle through the following circuit until all PAX have completed Mosey

Circuit #1
5 Napalms
15 Merkin or 10 Diamond Merkins
15 Squat or 10 Prisoner Squat (Coupon Optional)
20 LBCs or 10 BBSUs

Circuit #2
5 Napalms
15 Bent Rows or 10 Single Arm Row
15 Overhead Press or 10 Thrusters
20 Flutter Kicks (2ct) or 10 Iron Maiden Crosses

At this point, YHC was able to get music going, though not the correct playlist. While the White Stripes have many suitable songs to workout to, You And I Are Going To Be Friends is decidedly not one of these.

Circuit #3
5 Napalms
15 Curls
15 Tricep Extensions
20 Hello Dollies or 10 Box Cutters (Or 10 Iron Maiden Crosses, added as an option at Pikachu’s request).

Rack the coupons.

Mary, PAX Choice

15 Pretzel Crunches (1st Base)
6 inch (standard, not household) Hold (Hedgehog)
10 Partnered Leg Lifts (Crabs)
22 Merkins, OYO (Kiwi)



Freed to Bleed – April 29th
Brew Ruck coming up, leaving out of Broadway at the Beach

YHC led us out with prayers, special mention to Turner family as the mourn the passing of Sunshine’s mother, the Bohardt family as the mourn the passing of Doug’s stepmother, and for Jim Young, a friend of several PAX who is coming to the end of his journey.

Special thanks to the men of Catapult and Bombsquad for their help in partially demoing the press box on the soccer field, at the churches request, and especially Pikachu for his expertise in demolition to complete the task in a safe and efficient manner.

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