Out Running; Dorian??

Out Running; Dorian??

Workout Date:





Hottub, Handy Mandy, Sunshine, Flyover, El Red Cardo, King Kong (aka Skidmark), Brown Bag, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:


AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 75 degrees, Rain, Breezy

It was an All-star Cast at Hulkamania this a.m. 6 HC from the night before were rev’d up and ready to go! After all, the PAX were cooped up as ‘Hurricane Dorian’ made a visit on Thursday.  We were all itchin’ to get out and get moving. YHC assured everyone that Dorian was supposed to pass by MB by 1 a.m. and all the rain would end. It would be a nice dry run & no wind! It seems that predictions about the weather are less reliable then the cable shows that expound them. #FactNews. The Cat 2/Cat 3 Hurricane that was reported on endlessly on Thursday created winds no higher than 40 mph locally. The inaccuracies continued as YHC stepped off his porch this morning in to steadily rain, with the wind howling. Well a HC is a HC so let’s get going.

As YHC got into his truck he heard the tale end of a news alert for Georgetown & Horry Counties and assumed that it was another tornado warning. After all, no less that 10 tornado warnings were sounded yesterday from 4:15 am to 10am with a frequency of every 15-20 minutes. Why should this morning be any different?

Even with the warning, YHC proceeded to the Hulk parking lot and was first to arrive. I had all intensions of calling off the run due to tornados (a wise reason not to run) and as I waited, I received a message from Hamburglar that he would be unable to participate today because his 2.0 feared for his safety. Well that’s it, if there are tornado warnings, I would let the other PAX know and we scrap the run.

ERC was next to arrive and I explained my trepidation for today’s run, but before I could get back in my truck, Sunshine arrived. I told him about weather warnings for G-town and Horry Counties, but Sunshine was not fazed. As we spoke, Handy Mandy ran in shirtless with his Tron Lights illuminating his torso. He joined in the discussion, too. Well luckily Handy and Sunshine are extremely tech savory and whipped out their Iphones (Handy’s phone was unwrapped from a large ziplock baggie . . .very techie) to check the status of the warnings. . . NO tornados . . . just a flash flood warning.

So with that bit of info, YHC was back in for the run. Skidmark then arrived, followed by Brown Bag and his double knee braces.  I think he thought it was bridge work today, after all it was the 1st Friday of the month!! Nope, he was here because he signed up to run another 5K for charity. #MedalSweep.

Hottub came in hot. It was go time, but Flyover texted us that he was on his way and at 1 minute passed pulled into the Hulk to round out our numbers at 8 PAX.

The THANG: Run over the Bridge, passed the YMCA, across Business 17, passed The Village (2 cars in the lot) and down 65th Avenue N to the beach.

At the beach we all recouped for about 1-2 minutes until all PAX arrived. Then we turned around and retraced out steps back to the Hulk!

Time Called!

5.16 miles logged

8:20 – 9:00 minute pace

YHC had to leave before the COT

Prayers by Hottub or maybe it was Handy

Announcements: 4 year anniversary for Blackbeard’s Revenge on Saturday September 14th at 7:00 a.m.




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