Outrunning Dorian…

Outrunning Dorian…

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Lombardi, Jingles (RESPECT), Headgear, Rousey, Scorpio (2.0), OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

The calm before the storm – clear skies and mid-70s

Valvano had the Q, but was feeling some bad soreness/mild injury so he rested.  In discussing the Q, his initial idea was to “outrun Dorian” – go sub 15 pace for 90 minutes.  That is a pace we haven’t really pushed in a while. We have kinda settled into a 15:30-16:30 pace depending on the day, which is still strong, but his well-taken point was that we need to push and accelerate to get better.  So when he needed rest, I took part of that idea and incorporated it into the beatdown.

Glad to see 6 men out there despite only 2 HC’s!  LOL.  And my 2.0 deciding last night to come, regretting that decision this morning, but thanks to our mutt helping YHC wake him up, he got after it!!!

So 6 of us went after it and did something like this:

We are gonna ruck to the planes at a good clip.  It’s right at 1.3 miles.  YHC was at 14:47, with a bit of double-timing the streets like we do at the marathon.  I got in a few mosey laps around the planes while the 6 came in and everyone definitely pushed themselves, probably wondering what the heck I was doing.  Well when we were all together, I told them about my discussion with Valvano, and that I personally wanted to go sub 15 to see how I felt.  Well – TIRED!  But strong and everyone was ready to do more work.

2 mosey laps around the planes with no ruck
Farmers carry ruck right arm around planes, then left arm
Front ruck wear 2 laps around planes
OH hold rucks around planes – if they go down or rest on head, we all do 10 BBSU’s.  NOBODY put them down.  That little bit of “fear/push” knowing others will suffer because of you made everyone work a tad bit harder!  I know it did me..I didn’t want guys having to do 10 because of me
2 mosey laps around the planes with no ruck
To the little grass patch
Walking Lunges there and back.  Hands off legs
Squats – full ROM, hands off knees – x 15 OYO
Find a challenging height of wall – 10 Step ups each leg – keep hands off legs/knees
It’s very easy to cheat.  But why?  You aren’t impressing anyone by doing crap form quickly.  And you can hurt yourself.  You wake up to get better, so actually get better!!  Concentrate on doing things correctly!
Mosey 2 laps around planes
Back to grass
The BBSU we didn’t do on the OH ruck walk – 15 of em OYO
Flutters x 20 IC
Pretzel crunches each side x 10 IC
LBCs x 20 OYO

Time to ruck to the parking deck – good clip again, mosey the streets!
At the giant American Flag, YHC decided to stop.  Rucks off, mosey back and forth on Valor Park to stretch out and get some running in
22 merkins single count cadence – #22Kills
Ruck up to the deck
Ruck each level and at each level: 10 merkins and 10 squats – USE PERFECT FORM even if you have to cut reps short
At the top – Rucks off
Line up, Run downhill to speed bump and run backwards uphill
Flutters x 15 IC
Line up again, run downhill to 2nd speed bump and run backwards uphill

Rucks on – back to start: Mosey the street and bridge


Count-O-Rama – 6 #HIM with a 2.0
Prayer requests for those affected by Dorian, schools, first responders, etc!!
Prayer requests unspoken

– Strong work dudes…keep accelerating!!!!
– #SotoChaos #SotoWrath #CharlieSoto

– Shield Lock challenge coming – should be getting instructions from Crankbait soon
– Vitamin D starting up #Whetstone again so be on lookout for that.  Also possible a 3rd F Bible/Leadership study one evening
– 4th anniversary of our first concentric growth to Blackbeard!!!  CONVERGENCE!!!!  Saturday September 14 0700
– Monday September 16 – official kickoff of #ElevationMonday – read about it here
– Keep doing good work on the #IronPAX Challenge – Ignore some of the nonsensical times.  Do real work
– Remember #Warthog and #BombSquad during the week now start at 0515


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