Oyster Invasion

Oyster Invasion

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Rocky Top, Chuckie, Jetah, ERC, Bodet, Bob The Builder, Franklin, Skimmer, Judge Judy, Karma

The Thang:

We at Catapult celebrate lots of things… Judge Judy’s Imperial Walker form, farts, making fun of each other in group text, and visits from other AOs. Today several Oyster guys made the trek up to Catapult and we enjoyed their company. Without Killington there, and my gas at an all time low, we couldn’t really show the Oyster guys what the 4th Catapult F is (farting), but there’s always next time.

JJ alerted me to the Oyster clown car last night and I’m thankful he did so I could throw in a few things that would make the 30-40 minute trek worthwhile.

We started with Block suicides, where you did your block exercise at the fence, ran to the first line and back (about 10 yardsx2), did the exercise again, ran to the 2nd line and back (about 30 yardsx2), did the exercise a 3rd and final time, then ran to the end of the lot and back (about 50 yards x2). The exercises were:

  1. 10 curls (so you did 30 total)
  2. 15 merkins (45 total)
  3. 10 OHP (30 total)
  4. 10 BBSU (30 total)
  5. 10 Block Squat (30 total)

When finished, Pax jogged the perimeter to signal they were done.

Next we went to the Cross, where we did 15 curb hops (tempo squat, explode up onto the curb). 2/3 of the way through some crazy lady looped around the cross in her car and tried to drive through our blocks. JJ was really put out by this, I was inclined to let her try for comic relief. At first I thought it was a Weedmobile potential drive-by situation, but it was tame by comparison.

Next we grabbed a spot of fake grass and did block pull-throughs. I didn’t count, I was going by feel but it felt like maybe 10 left-to-right and right-to-left reps.

Next onto the Flag area, where we had a bucket with exercises written on slips of paper; Pax chose to perform the exercise, or 75% sprint 75 yards, do a burpee and 75% sprint back. Most sets, there were about 50% running and 50% doing the exercise. It was during these runs I noticed ERC takes like a 7 foot stride when he runs. It’s quite the spectacle. The exercises were, not in order:

  1. 10 Bobby Hurleys plus 10 lunges
  2. 30 1-arm rows
  3. 10 outlaws plus 10 2-count flutters
  4. 10 walkover merkins
  5. 30 curls
  6. 10 HTH plus 10 Hello Dollys
  7. 10 Decline merkins plus 20 mountain climbers
  8. 10 bus drivers plus 10 Dry Docks

After returning the blocks, we had time for a little core: 10 slow flutters (Crabs), 15 slow-ass HTH (Rocky Top), and 15 Freddie Mercurys (JJ)

Announcements- Oyster guys would like a reciprocal visit, and we owe them one. I’ll prioritize it on a non-school morning. Jetah could use a few more bucks for Over the Edge. If you haven’t thrown 10 or 20 bucks his way, this is your reminder to do so. He’s close to a $500 match. Link on Slack in various locations. Blood drive at St Mark’s 2/24.

No prayer requests which means a few guys chose to suffer in silence b/c we all have stuff going on. My challenge (which I feel like I do every Q) was to reach out to someone you think may need help. So, you know, go ahead and do that.

Props to Chucky… this was his 4th workout and he was grinding.

Have a great day men.