“P-200” . . . Its Not What You Think

“P-200” . . . Its Not What You Think

Workout Date:





Texas Ranger, Tiny Dancer, Castaway (AOQ), Spork, Sade', Crankbait, Humpback, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 50 degrees, somewhat damp

Sade’ wanted to run before & after The Village Beatdown to get some extra training in for the P200. Spork and Hamburglar HC’d and YHC encouraged all the GrandStrand P200 Pax to HC, too!

Besides the Hulkamaniacs, our ShieldLock members (“Locked & Loaded”) were encouraged to join YHC at The Village for a “Gentle” Beatdown.

Although YHC never officially HC’d for the pre&post run, I was up early & on my way to the Hulk to make the designated start time, 5:00 am.

As YHC arrived at the Hulk, Sade (Mr. GQ himself) was primping in his ride because if you’re gonna run you better look good doing it!!

I stepped out into the Gloom with AC/DC blaring and slipped on my bright yellow running vest to match my florescent yellow beanie (Rule 31 – “Safety First”) which by no stretch of the imagination was flattering or stylish!

Sade’ was surprised to see YHC at the pre-run. He was under the impression that he would be running alone today because Hamburglar sent a text earlier stating that he couldn’t make it. As we talked and 5am neared, Spork pulled into the lot.

As Spork stepped out of his Tahoe, we encouraged him to hustle because if we started later than 5 we would all have to run that much faster to get to The Village on time.

Off we went into the Wild Gloom Yonder!

As the 3 of us ran, Texas Ranger, Tiny Dancer, Castaway, & Crankbait were pulling into The Village.

13 minutes & 44 seconds later we covered 1.71 miles with an 8-minute pace.

5:14 – One Minute Warning was given as Humpback arrived and evened out our numbers.

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC; 20 Imperial Walkers; 15 Windmills IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

Indian Run around perimeter of AO ending at the Coupon Pile.

As we neared the Coupon Pile, Tiny Dancer pointed out the newly built Pull-Up bar & quipped that a new tradition has begun at The Village: at the end of every Beatdown, Pull-ups need to be done by all Pax. #ISI. YHC made a mental note for later.



The Pax were instructed to each grab a cinder block and pair up! YHC announced that we would be doing P200 Training but its not what you think. . . we would be doing a series of exercises all beginning with the letter “P” for a combined total of 200 reps.

The Teams:

Sade’ & Tiny Dancer

Castaway & Texas Ranger

Spork & Humpback

Crankbait & Quaker

While Pax #1 did the exercise AMRAP, Pax #2 ran a lap around the large parking lot. Plank on the six

The Exercises:

  1. Presses w/ Block – 200 reps
  2. Plank Jacks – 200 reps
  3. Push-ups – 200 reps
  4. Prisoner Squats – 200 reps
  5. Pretzel Crunches – 200 reps

5:50 – Extra Credit

  1. Pull-ups – 200 reps – All Pax Planked on the curb near the Pull-bar. . . each Pax did Pull-ups AMRAP . .  when finished Pax Planked on curb, then the next Pax did Pull-ups AMRAP, etc, etc . . . we did a total of 2 rounds of Pull-ups and completed 101 reps before time was called! The last Pull-up was special and dubbed the “Plumber Pull-up”


Plumber’s Pull-upnoun – a pull-up performed with droopy drawers exposing a full ‘plumber’s crack’ for each rep. Best performed by larger Pax with a spotter from behind (Ask Humpback & Tiny Dancer to demonstrate)

Last 4 minutes were reserved for stretching.

6:00 – Time Called

Name-o-Rama & Count-o-Rama were missed by YHC

Announcements: Freed to Bleed – Today (Get up, Get out, & Give Blood!!); Sign up for GrowRuck!

Payers for Rubber’s M who is in the hospital and undergoing surgery today. Prayers unspoken.

Moleskin: We had a great time today! Everyone pushed hard to get the reps in. There was lively Mumblechatter with a big finish of Pull-ups & Stretches. Tclaps to Sade’ & Spork for the pre & post runs. If you miss today’s Beatdown you missed a lot!!!





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