P200 – Chronicles

P200 – Chronicles

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Sunshine, Re-bar, Super Dave, Barney, Nimbus, Bobsled, Crankbait, Rubber, Skidmark, Buffet, Quaker


Sunshine, Re-bar, Super Dave, Barney, Nimbus, Bobsled, Crankbait, Rubber, Skidmark, Buffet, Quaker

The Thang:

AO’s: BombSquad, The Village, The Tower, The Rivera

Regions: F3 GrandStrand & F3Republic

It 4:30 am as the PAX begin to arrive at BombSquad to load up our Van #2. Only one van (transporting  8 HIM, right?) would be making the trek this morning as Van #1 (carrying 4 HIM) left for Columbia the night before in order to stay at a 5 Star Hotel, receive full body massages, candle lit dinners, and Continental Breakfasts (Picture scene from Casio Royale, except, all men wearing black & white silk jumpsuits instead of tuxedos). Van #1 included Rubber, Buffett, Sunshine, & Skidmark.

The Supergloomers at BombSquad included Bobsled, Re-bar, Crankbait, Quaker, and Nimbus . . .(News Flash: Sampling had to pull out of the race the night based on a suspicious Doctor’s Note that said he was NOT Crazy!!!). Well, every mission has at least one glitch in it (See Apollo 13). As such and audible was called and the Show Must Go On with 11 PAX!!

Enough supplies were loaded into the Van from each PAX for a week long journey, however, there were some items the PAX forgot/refused to pack from the official P200 Necessary Travel List, this included: earplugs, eye covers, mace, and Vasoline (what!!??). Anyways, VAN #2 was loaded and we were off to pick up our Brethren from across the Waterway, Barney & Super Dave from F3Republic. After a short visit with Goldberg at the Crucible, we worked our way over to the Police Station to load our last 2 team members and a few more duffle bags  (still no Vasoline) and we were off into the Glorious Super Gloom for an adventure none of the PAX had experienced before, 205 mile road race from Columbia to Charleston (all for the promise of 1 taco & 2 beers!!).

The P200 rules said that all team members had to register at 8am (our start time was 8:45). Van #2 arrived early but where was Van #1? Oh, they were enjoy breakfast and would be a little late, “see ya soon”. When Van #1 finally arrived with full bellies and plenty of stories from the night before. Was there really a chalk victim outline in the foyer?? What happened to the complimentary breakfast??  Lots of laughter ensued as we divvied up the food supplies and organized each van (See VAN #1 Chronicles). A team picture was taken with the P200 banner, then Rubber began warming up by hanging from an nearby tree. The two teams were set as follows:

Van #1 – Sunshine, Rubber, Nimbus, Bobsled, and Skidmark

Van #2 – Barney, Super Dave, Re-bar, Crankbait, Quaker, and Buffet

Van #1 would handle the legs 1-6, Van #2 takes 7-12; Van #1 has legs 13-18; Van #2 takes legs 19-24; Van #1 has legs 25-30; Van #2 has legs 31-36.

Van #1 was a PAX short, so Nimbus & Bobsled (our two Ringers) would split the extra legs!

Van #1 had the “easy” legs because they were running in the morning and the evening with perfect weather conditions and normal rest times. Van #2 would be running in the hot, blistering mid-day sun and the lonely desolate witching hours of night when most people sleep!

BOM – Barney led the PAX in prayer.

8:44 – One Minute Warning

The THANG: A Long Way to Go & A Short Time to Get There

LEG 1 – Rubber. . . started our adventure this am with the rally cry, “When the Rubber meets the Road”  (A close 2nd rally cry was, “From couch to 200 miles”) . . . All competitors knew we were serious contenders when Rubber stepped up to the starting line sporting 2 orthopedic knee braces!! The starting gun fired and our rendezvous with destiny began!! Rubber covered 6.1 miles with a 9:33 pace!! Great work out of the blocks!!

LEG 2 – Bobsled . . . “teat’d it up” for Handy Manny for another 5.03 miles with a 6:51 pace.

LEG 3 – Sunshine . . . PR’d his way through the next leg of 7.07 miles and a pace of ???, Oh yeah, someone forgot to turn his tracker on so we have to take his word for it!

LEG 4 – Bobsled . . . Official Rule – “no runner can run two consecutive legs” . . .  He ran 5.94 miles with a 6.51 pace. . .If this were not a rule we would have let Bobsled & Nimbus run ‘em all!!

LEG 5 – Nimbus . . . Its like running on a cloud, he covered 6.98 miles with a sub 6:30 pace. The man don’t eat but boy can he run!

LEG 6 –  Skidmark . . . The man the myth the future legend ran a hard 7.03 miles at a pace of  8:45

Meanwhile during this time, the PAX of Van #2 were enjoying 2 eggs, Bacon & grits/hash browns at the local Waffle House in Buffett’s old stomping grounds of Red Banks. Then at the exchange location Barney stretched out in his hammock while the rest of us talked running, glory days, & F3. We followed Van #1 PAX via Runjoy App and anticipated with excitement our up & coming legs.

LEG 7 – Crankbait . . .it was a smooth transition, Skidmark pushed it all the way then Crankbait sped away in a blaze of glory!! He ran 5.46 miles with a pace of 8:06. This leg was categorized by a long hill followed by another long hill!

LEG 8 – Super Dave . . . lived up to his moniker and ran 7.46 miles at 8:10 pace. It was a hot afternoon but Super Dave was hotter!!

LEG 9 – Quaker . . .  had the shortest leg thus far for Van #2 but in his defense it was out in the blistering sun with no cover. The Pollen meter read 98%!! He covered 2.54 miles (some says 1.66) with a 8:33 pace with all pistons furiously pumping!

LEG 10 – Re-bar . . . took the baton next and never looked back. He tore through his section of asphalt of 6.54 miles with a 7:09 pace!! The last .25 miles was almost a shear cliff, straight up!!

LEG 11 – Barney . . . was next man up! He covered 4.08 miles of pain and kept the pace just under eight at 7:59 pace.

LEG 12 – Buffett  . . . Always stylish, he took the final leg of Van #2 covering 5.58 miles with an 8:09 pace. He also lost his shirt along the way. . . need to rename him BUFF-ett!!

LEG 13 – Nimbus . . . takes the baton for the 1st leg of Van #1’s evening. He would cover 4.52 miles with a sub 6:30 pace . . . He thinks he running his own Ultra!

LEG 14  – Rubber . . . then raced his 2nd of 3 legs for 3.86 miles with a 9:12 pace. Not bad for a guy with no knees!

LEG 15– Sunshine . . . got his tracker online and raced 6.63 miles with a 9:09 pace

LEG 16 – Bobsled  . . . crushed the next leg of 6.67 miles with a 5:29 pace. Is he a ‘Ringer’ or what!!

LEG 17 – Skidmark . . . peeled out after the baton hand off for another 3.53 miles with a pace of 8:40 (not sure, the tracker says 2:12:15 but that can’t be right?)

LEG 18 – Nimbus  . . . completed the final leg for Van #1 as the team was cruising at about 30 minutes ahead of our anticipated run time! 5.34 miles were completed at 7:38 pace.

VAN #2 during this time enjoyed some home cookin’ and mingled with the locals. We were asked, “What are you doin’ here? Those city folk maybe crazy . . . but the folk out here are CRAZIER . . . be careful out there!!” . . . Crankbait, “Now you know why mace was an item on the Necessary List” Everyone tried to get a little bit of shut eye but it was hard with an International Cheerleading Competition going on right next to the parking lot!! Ain’t that right, Super Dave?

LEG 19 – Barney . .  . didn’t need any rest, his leg was 1st at around 10:30 pm and after it was over he would not need to run again until the final leg at noon-ish the next day!! Barney covered 8.85 miles with an impressive 9:24 pace. He was in the zone.

LEG 20 – Crankbait . . . after powdering & lubing up his feet he picked up where Barney left off and completed 7.42 miles with 9:18 pace. He was also the 1st PAX to run with a blinker on his sneaker which made it much easier for the Van to pick him out of the gloom. From this point forward all PAX wore the toe flasher at least until Quaker lost it!

LEG 21 – Buffett . . . took off like a flash when he receive the baton. Accelerating through the gloom for 2.45 miles with a pace of 8:21.

LEG 22 – Re-Bar . . . This man is a running freak!! He just started running again 5 years ago after a decades’ long hiatus. He came prepared with energy gel, oxygen tablets, and was seriously looking for a cryo-tube along the way! It all came together for 9.68 miles at a 7:10 pace!! NOTE: this was the longest leg of the entire race!!

LEG 23 – Super Dave . . . kept the fire burning for his run of 4.63 miles clocking in just under 8 minutes with a 7:54 pace.

LEG 24 – Quaker . . . pulled the short straw and was reward with the last leg before our transition with Van #1. “Just 2 more miles was his mantra” as he logged 8.81 miles with a 10:24 pace. Quaker gave everything he had and kicked it out  (and kicked the flasher off) for the last .4 of mile. He was a bit delirious at the hand off, shouting “141. . .141!! (FYI our team tag number)

As we headed on down the highway Quaker’s alarm went off signaling it was 3:48 (wake-up time from just 24 hours ago . .  . it felt like a week!!). We filled up the gas tank and found our next rendezvous point around and about 1 hour later  parked the van for some well-deserved nap time.

LEG 25 – Skidmark . . . was the happiest PAX at 3:35 am because he would be taking the baton for the last time and could retire to the Cheer Team for the rest of the day!! He raced for 5.63 miles with a very respectable 8:33 pace.

LEG 26 – Rubber . . . the knees finally had enough but Rubber powered through his 3.67 miles at an 11:03 pace.

LEG 27 – Sunshine . . . left nothing in the tank for his final 2.83 miles and finished his leg with a 7:43 pace!

LEG 28 – Nimbus . . . with his love/hate relationship with food took off for another 2.78 miles with a pace so impressive that we will not post it here! Besides it never came up on the Racejoy app but we’re all certain it was one of the fastest legs of the race!

LEG 29 – Bobsled . . . picked up the baton and smoked another 7.82 miles in the gloom with a 8:31 pace. Just .7 miles short of a marathon all totaled.

LEG 30 –  Nimbus . . . took it back from Bobsled and laid down a blistering pace over 7.25 miles to finish his last leg. Nimbus ran more than a marathon during the race logging 26.91 total miles.

LEG 31 – Crankbait . . . after a dreamless slumber and a ½ mile hike to the Port-a-Potty prepared for his final leg by breaking out the Mega Roller! As he rolled his muscles, Barney made a perfect maneuver to place Van #2 in the Pole Position for Baton transfer. Crankbait took off for his final 2.43 miles at a 7:47 pace as Nimbus, who was completely spent, kneeled down and kissed the ground. It was a very Hallmark kinda moment!!

LEG 32 – Re-bar . . . the machine that he is glided along 3.78 miles effortlessly with a pace of 7:25.

LEG 33 – Super Dave . . . ran his final leg as strong as his first!! He was running so strong in fact he had to shed multiple layers along the way and give up his earbuds for total focus on the task ahead! He ran 7.53 miles with a pace of 8:53.

NOTE: During Super Dave’s leg, the Van #1 PAX, led by Rubber, purchased a score of Southern Ham Biscuits for all of us to eat. Delicious!!! Thanks! Unfortunately, Buffett could not partake of these fine Biscuits. His mind was clearly focused on his eminent run leg and no peer pressure from his fellow PAX would derail his goal!

LEG 34 – Buffett . . . although this was his longest leg of the race, Buffett attacked it like it was a sprint! He logged 8.1 miles with and 8:31 pace (NOTE: Buffett’s training pace is 9:00!!) Well done sir!

LEG 35 – Quaker  . . . took on Route 17 and a strong head wind for 4.86 miles with a 9:42 pace! His tracker after the 1st mile said, “You may be off course!!” A quick call to our Nan’tan confirmed that he was not of course but was right where he needed to be!!

LEG 36 – Barney  . . . having bumped Quaker from the notable position as being the oldest team member had the honor of running the final 5.1 miles and crossing the finish line! His pace was 8:15 in and out of the shade, on asphalt or on dusty dirt road. He started strong and ended even stronger. Great job!!

The last mile was completed by Barney, Bobsled, & Super Dave which gave Bobsled just over 26.1 miles total. We then gather together as a full team once more and cashed in our tickets for 1 taco & 2 beers!! Oh yeah, we got P200 metals, too!!

Moleskin: P 200 is the definition of CSUP!! But what a blast! Not only did every PAX challenge HIMself physically and mentally, it was a true time of fellowship!  Besides the 205 miles ran, there was 447 miles driven!! From the moment we began everyone was making mental notes on how we can do it better next year!! Special thanks to Hottub for getting everyone to HC (even though he had to withdraw)(We missed you). Special thanks to Super Dave and Barney for jumping in at the last minute to fill the gap #HIM. Special Thanks to Sunshine for taking the Q from Hottub and organizing a fantastic event and great group of guys to enjoy it with! (The Spirit of the Nan’tan is strong with him!!) Thanks to Bobsled & Nimbus for taking extra legs in stride! And thanks to all my fellow PAX for taking this journey (and I don’t just mean P 200) with me and allowing me the privilege to be part of your journey too!! #ISI

PS:  Sunshine has my full consent to cut and paste most of this Back Blast into the Van 1 Chronicles!!



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