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Sunshine, Boxcar, Brownbag, El Red Cardo, War Eagle, Red Coat, lil' Hose, The Choice, Crankbait, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

Pulled into The Village around 5:20 and blocked off main parking lot with cones for the coming Beatdown. During the beatdown at BombSquad yesterday YHC was honored to be able to call out some pain per our Q, El Red Cardo. Some PAX requested the now (in)famous UnderQuakers, however, UnderQuakers, need to be built up during a beatdown and can not, I repeat, can not be called out on the fly. Tried & true DORA 1-2-3 was called and the pain commenced. YHC did let the PAX know that he was on Q at #TheVillage today!!

Why am I talking about yesterday’s Beatdown? Because without the groundswell of calls for UnderQuakers, YHC would have not had his creative juices flowing for today’s Beatdown!! YHC wanted to create a beatdown as worthy and memorable as the UnderQuakers, something that would include multiple exercises, multiple reps, multiple memories, and most importantly, multiple pain. As I opened my mind to the possibilities, I had a vision and that Vision  was. . . A series of coupon work, AMRAP exercises, carries, & crawls . . . and pretty much all things F3! Sprinkle in a #Kotter (great seeing War Eagle out in the Gloom) & an FNG’s 2nd appearance (Hello, lil’ Hose), dedicated regular PAX and we had all the necessary ingredients for a Beatdown to remember. . . YHC dubs the “Pain Train”. The Tacks were already laid out in the parking lot as white lines, 6 Pain Stations were place on the West & East side of the parking lot, and after our usual COP everyone’s Engines were raring to go!!

5:29 – One minute warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC;  15 Windmills IC; 22 Merkins IC; 20 Imperial Walkers; 20 Hillbillies IC; 20 LBAC IC; 20 LBAC in Reverse IC; 20 Overhead Claps IC; 5 Burpees OYO

Indian Run around AO . . . in Main Parking Lot grab 6 cinder blocks from the Coupon Pile and Partner up!


6 Exercise Stations were set up in Main Parking Lot.

PAX #1 lines up on the West side of Parking Lot with coupon while PAX #2 lines up on East side of Parking lot.

PAX #1 does designated coupon exercise #1 while PAX #2 does exercise AMRAP.

When PAX #1 completes Exercise #1 he carries block across parking lot to PAX #2. PAX #2 then does exercise #1 while PAX #1 crawls, lunges, etc back to his starting position on West side of parking lot.

PAX #1 then does Exercise #2 AMRAP. When PAX #2 finishes Exercise #1 he carries block across parking lot back to PAX #1.

PAX #1 continues to do Exercise #2 AMRAP while PAX #2  crawls, lunges, etc back to his starting position.

When all PAX complete their designated Stations, PAX  move south down the tracks to next Station.

Stations were as Follows:

Station #1: Exercise #1 = 20 CURLS; Exercise #2 = SSH AMRAP; . . . BLOCK CARRY then BEARCRAWL back to starting position

Station #2 : Exercise #1 = 20 TRICEP EXT; Exercise #2 = JUMP SQUAT; . . .  BLOCK CARRY  then TIN (toy) SOLDIERS

Station #3: Exercise #1 = 20 OVERHEAD PRESS; Exercise #2 = SKIERS; . . .BLOCK CARRY  then LUNGE WALK

Station #4: Exercise #1 = 15 BLOCK SQUATS; Exercise #2 = STAR JUMPS . . . BLOCK CARRY then TROLL WALK (grab your ankles Monkey Hump Style and walk across parking lot)

Station #5: Exercise #1 = 15 BENT OVER ROWS; Exercise #2 =  LUNGES ; . . . BLOCK CARRY then CRAWLBEAR CRABWALK

Station #6: Exercise #1 = 15 BLOCK SWINGS; Exercise #2 = MONKEY HUMPERS; BLOCK CARRY then  CRAB WALK

10 Count . . . then Mosey around Main Parking Lot and back to your original Station!

PAIN TRAIN #2 . . . 5 BLOCKEES on Westside and AMRAP BURPEES on Eastside. . . follow same crawl pattern as above. .. when competed move to the next station. . 5 BLOCKEES on Westside and AMRAP BURPEES on Eastside. . . follow same crawl pattern as above. . Big Push . . .Keep Moving . . . all PAX completed all 6 Stations!!

Coupons were returned to the Coupon Pile

Time Called!!


Count-o-Rama . . . TEN


Announcements:  F3 Christmas Party December 15th ($40.00 per); Regional Convergence December 22 @ BombSquad 7:00 am; Operation Sweet-tooth – toy collection begins now (see slack, website)


Moleskin: It was fantastic seeing some many HIM out today even though the thermometer read 29 degrees!! In our minds I’m sure it felt 85 & Sunny!! I looked around the COP and saw 9 leaders looking back at me! Truly Awesome & Humbling! #F3Counts . . .Great push by all, especially lil’ Hose.  The workout was definitely an Angry one!!! Hope you all enjoyed it!! . . .In Case any PAX missed out today, YHC kept all the Station Cards and you can earn your boarding pass & have your ticket punched next time!!!




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