Partners till the end

Partners till the end

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Geno, Lombardi, Valvano, Snips, Headgear, Disconnect, Bubbles, Jingles, Wolverine, Flow, Karma, Weedeater, Stewy, Huey, Dreamliner, Bling YHC

The Thang:

Warthog, the Mother of the Grandstrand AO’s.  My turn to Q, I guess Headgear’s final act of AOQ was to get me to lay down the “Perfect Q”……yet again.  Once this was secured he was able to transfer the AOQ to Disconnect!

Weather- 74 and muggy.  After meeting Valvano at the track for some pre-ruck/run (#newsqueeze) the PAX started pulling in the lot 1 car at a time.  Many of us were sore/struggling after the new “Run Group” AO at Elevation Monday hosted by Headgear!  legs sore!!  But no time to relax- told the boys we would be pushing ourselves and each other for 45 minutes.

2.5 minute warning- lets walk over to the top of Forbus as a proper disclaimer was laid out- leaving no doubt that the only person you are allowed to sue would be Geno……  And away we go!  Mosey to the end of Forbus- on the way, secure a partner for the WOD- someone you really like!  #sorryGeno’spartner.

on the way down Forbus, here comes Weedeater!  Headgear, pull off and pick him up while we mosey to the end to circle up/stretch.

20 SSH IC- Weedeater & Headgear made it here at the end

22 Merkins IC- #22kills

20 Tempo squats IC.  at this point another car pulls onto Forbus, looks like Dreamliner was in Dreamworld a little longer this am!  show must go on!

15 LBAC forward IC

15 overhead claps IC

15 LBAC backward IC

waiting on Dreamliner we did another 22 Merkins IC- just to piss Geno off!  Line up on the sidewalk with your partner for Indian Partner runs.  both you and your partner run together to the front of line- all the way down to the parking deck.  YHC waited around for Dreamliner to mosey Forbus- this was a mistake for me as he was in full mosey mode and blew by me in seconds- claiming his alarm didnt go off???  #Valvano’sexcuseonly.

in the parking deck- waiting for the 18wheeler to leave PF Changs so we can hear each other (damn cars everywhere!). Stay with your partners.

#1- wall sit and count for #2

#2- 50 LBC’s then switch

#1- donkey kick “hold” on wall

#2- 50 flutters 2 count and switch

#1- plank and count

#2- 50 SSH and switch.

parking deck was getting hot- Geno was complaining, and the sun was coming up in the East.  All 3 things every Warthog PAX is aware of!  10 second rest as I went over the next phase of the partner plan!  At each level of the garage (4 levels) we would do 10 plank partner burpees.  #1 would plank, #2 would jump over partner and do a burpee, repeat for 10.  next level #1 and #2 would switch places.  Each PAX ended up doing 20 burpees each and planking.  this was a lot harder than I thought, especially keeping up with Dreamliner, who I believe is going to Tokyo for the 2021 Olympics for running.  At the top of the deck we walk/rest to the end and back- for a repeat back down.  but since I was exhausted, I modified to simply a jump over with no burpee!

Stop at the stairs on the way down and noticed I was ahead of pace by about 2-3 minutes- soooooo, lets do 2 flights of stairs in the coooool stairwell.  1 set single steps, 1 double just to put a final touch of sweat on everyone.

walk/rest to Valor- grab some curb room.  we would do Rocky Balboas on the curb, until I yelled DOWN, then we would do a curb burpee and back into RB’s.  did about 10 until our time was tight.  mosey to the bridge, and jailbreak to the AO- TIME.

great work by all- love Q’ing the Hog.  Chatter was solid (Dreamliner was very sympathetic to me- asking me why everyone gives me a hard time!!). Love that guy!!

Dragon Boat only announcement.

no prayers- tons of unspoken.  Prayed out and thanks!


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