Party on Main NMB

Party on Main NMB

Workout Date:






The Thang:



Conditions: Fallish with a heavy side of Humidity: 69 Deg. & Dark


First to arrive, quick scope of the Lot only one present… 5 till, shovel flag planted and here they come!

No one on the sheet to Q mainly cause i needed to inform myself I needed to Q but didn’t make it official.

Upon the night before, flipping through my notes of Q’s past, it was apparent I could comprise a pleasurable beatdown concoction for the masses…. if they chose to Post… but with an Open Q slot on the roster for 10/1 Timeshare it may have puzzled the fartsacked pax that there may be awkward silence in wonderment of who would lead the weary souls of the gloom…. point here is filling the Q sheet slot might of  prompted those on the fartsack fence to post…. Beaker had noted how his electronic glowing device and cozy down comforter ALMOST lulled him to stay in that fartsack… none the less he yawned his way to the AO… Moving along now to appease your suspense for what really happened.


COP: 20 SSH IC , 20 TTT , 20 Hillbilly’s … mumble chatter ensued… apparent we were it and it’s Enron’s birthday so lets get on with it so he can go have cake….

All 5 agreed to Mosey to tennis courts… shovel flag in tow… street lights lit… no other souls around not even the resident sleeping park attendants…. not even the daily 5:15 dumpster trucks banging to alert the residents they only have 1 hour left before daylight…

The Thang:

Tennis courts… yes two of them.

4 Corners Elevators Pax stay together

Corner 1 – 5 burpees OYO … mosey

Corner 2- 5 burpees OYO & 10 BBS… mosey

Corner 3- 5 burpees OYO & 10 BBS, 15 Carolina Dry docks… mosey

Corner 4- 5 burpees OYO & 10 BBS,15 dry docks, 20 squats

Going down now with a switch: Mosey to Corner 1

Corner 1- 20 squats

Corner 2- 20 squats, 15 dry docks

Corner 3- 20 squats, 15 dry cocks & 10 BBS

Corner 4- 20 squats, 15 dry cocks & 10 BBS & 5 Burpees

Next: on the tennis courts

Sprint 25 yards (2x the width of 2 courts)…. 25 merkins

Sprint 50 yards (4x the width of 2 courts)… 50 flutterkicks 2 count

Sprint 100 yards (8x the width of 2 courts)… 100 SSH

Mosey to the fountain for a round of 11’s

Step ups count each leg as 1 step up & Dips…. legs smoked.

Mosey to the AO… 10 till… Beaker you need to leave yet? NO? Perfect lets Bearcrawl across the parking lot do 5 burpees then Bearcrawl back… mumble chatter … oh look at the time! None the less it got done.

Back for a round of pax choice… Beaker escaped the finale.

Viagra: LBC  IC x20

Birthday boy #Enron: the usual Monkey humpers x15 OYO for your own enjoyment of course.

Weasel: ‘Merican Hammers x 30

YHC: 22 merkins for the veterens who commit suicide of day.



Prayers for all those who weren’t able to join us … that they are leading their families, communities, workplace’s, businesses well, thanking the Lord for the ability to come together as men to sweat it out together and get better!


Honor to lead!!!





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