Passing the Nant’an Torch – AYE!

Passing the Nant’an Torch – AYE!

Workout Date:



Sunshine, Brown Bag


Headgear, Dawg Pound, One Star, Bling, El Red Cardo, Skimmer (Respect), Jingles (Respect), Billboard (Respect), One Call, Spinal Tap, Rubber, Skidmark, Lombardi (COT), Humpback, Boxcar, Crankbait, Backdraft, Quaker, O’Douls, Texas Ranger, Sunshine Co-QIC, Brown Bag Co-QIC

The Thang:



Sunshine gave the disclaimer at 0515 and commenced the beatdown like this:


Mosey – Full Lap Around the AO

25 – SSH IC

1 – Burpee

25 Imperial Walker IC

2 Burpees


3 Burpees

20 Windmills IC

4 Burpees

20 Mountain Climbers IC

5 Burpees

20 Tempo Squat IC

6 Burpees


Sunshine then turned over the Q to YHC. This was in pure Sunshine fashion by inviting YHC to the middle of the circle and said to drop the knickers! Sunshine announced that the Nant’an torch has now officially been passed to YHC. 


YHC announced, “Let’s Mosey!”


We mosey’d to the big parking lot and YHC instructed the PAX to circle up. YHC grabbed the stack of 3×5 index cards with a different exercise written out on each one as well as the Game of Life spinner strategically taken from the game closet the night before. YHC then introduced Brown Bag to all the PAX and said what an absolute honor it is to be asked to be the spiritual leader of F3 Grand Strand. The play button on the world-famous DJ equipment was stuck and the first song, Magical Mystery Tour started playing.


The beatdown went something like this:


Humpback – Hello Dolly’s IC

Quaker – Up Downs SC

Texas Ranger – Alternating Shoulder Taps IC

Skimmer – OHP Squat Position IC

Skidmark – Freddie Mercury’s IC

Headgear – The Merkin IC

El Red Cardo – Plank Jacks IC

O’Douls – Side Straddle Hops IC

Jingles – Flutters IC

Spinal Tap – Bobby Hurley’s IC

Billboard – American Hammers IC

Backdraft – Mike Tyson’s IC

One Call – War Hammers OYO

Boxcar – Partner Merkins OYO

Bling Hand – Release Merkins SC

Rubber – Monkey Humpers IC

Dawg Pound – Mosey Around the AO

Sunshine – Burpees SC

One Star – Bear Crawl the Circle

Crankbait – LBC’s IC

Humpback – Body Builders SC 

Brown Bag – Alligator Merkins OYO

**Disclaimer – YHC cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the above exercises matched to said PAX. Reps were determined by the spin of The Game of Life spinner and then YHC had the unbridled authority to a multiplier to determine the number of reps.**

The Alligator Merkins brought us to the center and we then joined arms for 20 Squats in Cadence.


Mosey’d to COT




An attempt to recite the Mission of F3 all together didn’t go all that well.


Count-o-rama 22??? Where did Lombardi come from?






Intentional Parenting Tuesday 1800 hours at Waterway Palms Clubhouse


One year Bible challenge – read the bible


Every Man a Warrior Thursday’s 0515 at The Village


National Convergence – Regions are in competition to host the 10th birthday National Convergence. Committee being formed to win this thang.




Praises to our outgoing Nant’an Sunshine and prayers for our incoming Nant’an Brown Bag.

YHC Prayed us out




YHC and Sunshine decided a few days ago that Sunshine would run the warmup and then hand off the Q to YHC. YHC thought what routine would work well for the thang with both a small group or a large group of PAX. The idea to give each and every PAX a chance to lead was it! As we attempted to say it in unison, The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

So the night before YHC grabbed a sharpie, a stack of 3×5 index cards and the Exicon and wrote out about 30 different exercises. YHC then thought it would be cool to spin a wheel to determine the number of reps. Off to the game closet to find The Game of Life. Yes, Spinner Wheel in hand! Now it’s time to jump on Spotify and create the playlist. YHC had been making mental notes while listening to Sirius XM in the car. Burn by Deep Purple has a good driving beat and Thunder Kiss ‘65 by Rob Zombie also drives it home. A few more were added and at the last minute, YHC heard Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles. Yes, that will be the way to start it off and YHC knew that Boxcar would approve!

YHC got up extra early and arrived at Bombsquad at 0505 to drop off the 3×5 index cards with a different exercise written on each one, The Game of Life spinner and the world-famous DJ equipment. YHC then parked and joined a handful of PAX in the cold of the morning gloom. The PAX kept rolling in until we had a total number of 21.

What can YHC say? YHC is so incredibly honored and humbled to be called on to fill the Nant’an role for F3 Grandstrand. YHC takes this standing very seriously and will learn, attempt, fail, get up, fall forward, join arms, follow, lead, and succeed! YHC will not do this alone as we are ONE as F3 Brothers!

Honor to Lead

Bigger Honor to be handed the Nant’an Torch

A BIG Thank You to One Call and Sunshine.


Brown Bag

Over and out~

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