Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

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Waverucker- the best day of the week (my humble opinion!).  knew that Hoser was getting caught back up at work from his 7th Disney cruise of the year, so I quickly grabbed the Q here before One Call did (and I didn’t feel like doing 99 merkins for no reason at all)

And since we all bailed on the Wilmington Tough (Pearl Harbor themed), I thought I would make this Q all about Pearl Harbor (with the 12/7 date just around the corner).  Picked up my partner in crime at 0405, and made the usual drive to Warthog.  I had been doing some fact-finding on PH day and cool facts I could include into the beatdown.  Pulled in at 0420, waited for the rest of the PAX.  weather was cool and clear, about 39.

the 3 other boys pulled in, and I settled on 2 sandbags at 60 each for the walk.  I love the small memorials we have down at the planes, Hoser and One Call have done similar workouts here, it feels like we are on hallowed ground- especially when we are honoring Vets with a themed workout.  With Flop on the mend, the 4 of us switched the sandbags back and forth making our way to the planes, about 1.1 miles each way.  nice warmup for this upcoming beatdown!

so here we go- all based on facts/details from the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Do all these exercises OYO- challenged the boys to do them all and in solid form in respect for the servicemen we are here to honor

  1.  Attack on Pearl Harbor lasted 110 minutes- 0755-0945.  SO, 110 reps, 55 Ruck presses, run the 350 yard lap around the monuments- then 55 Flutters.
  2. The Arizona was sunk when a bomb landed in the Magazine near the hull.  1100 men and women lost their lives in minutes.  so, 1100 reps between the 5 of us.  220 per.  110 ruck up crunches, run the lap, 110 ruck up crunches.  abs sore!
  3. 77th Anniversary date on Friday of Pearl Harbor Day.  so, 77 reps.  40 squats w/o ruck.  good form!  run a lap, 37 squats ruck on chest.
  4. Japanese had only 65 casualties during the attack- so, 65 reps.  33 Hello Dolly ruck above head, run a lap, 32 merkins (with or without Ruck)
  5. D-Day is 12/7.  so, 127 reps.  64 CDD with rucks, run a lap, 63 CDD with rucks.

Spent, tired, sore.  great work by the group.  Grab the 2 sandbags and make the trek back to the AO.  gave more facts about Pearl Harbor, listened to the other PAX as well.  one of the aspects I love most about Waverucker- the camaraderie we have together and the respect each share, not only about our history and military, but of each other and our past/present/future experiences.  We truly leave no man behind, but do push each other to get better, physically, mentally and spiritually.  great fellowship, even with Valvano there…..

back to the AO, right on time as usually with my nearly perfect Q’s….

announcements- Xmas Party on 12/15- everyone MUST be there, this is mandatory.  Convergence is 12/22 at Bombsquad and will be fantastic.

prayed for our F3 brothers, safe Christmas season, our country, God’s love.



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