Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Bubbles, Humpback, Karma, Rubber, Surf-N-Turf, Sunshine, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:



A few days ago YHC noticed The Oyster was open on the Q sheet and Brown Bag was instantly inputted. 


Good thing YHC left with plenty of time because the Terrain got behind the world’s slowest driver on River Oaks. That’s okay though, XM 23 was cranking out some good tunes. 


Arrived at The Oyster at 0545 and decided to take a Mosey to survey the possibilities for this morning’s beatdown. Went around the corner and found some dude meditating in his car, let’s call him Karma. Took a nice 10 minute Mosey and arrived back to find the HIM rolling in. 


One-minute warning given, followed by the proper disclaimer and we got rolling at 0600 with this:




20 IW IC


At this point, YHC explained that if and when Burpees are called out that YHC will be doing a PlankJack instead of a Merkin due to the painful tendonitis in the right elbow. In fact, let’s call them BurpJacks.


10  Burpees/BurpJacks OYO


We Mosey’d down Dogwood to 8th Ave S


10  Burpees/BurpJacks OYO


We Mosey’d down 8th Ave S to Lakeside


Sidenote, during the pre-Mosey YHC saw this cone line-up and ran them like a slalom skier.


All held AlGore or Plank while one PAX at a time ‘Skied’ the slalom cones down and back.


Mosey’d down Lakeside to the Bocce’ Ball courts and stopped for 25 Dips IC


Continued Moseying down Lakeside to the darkest spot in SSB for 25 Tempo Squats IC


From there we Mosey’d to the 3rd Ave S public beach parking lot for a round of 11’s


Started with 1 Jump Squat, TinSoldiered or BearCrawled to the other side for 10 PlankJacks

Ended with 10 Jump Squats and 1 PlankJack


At the Beach Entrance, we stopped for one minute to internally take a moment and think about what you are grateful for. Bubbles couldn’t take the silence and blurted out what he was grateful for and then all followed suit.


Down to the sand at low tide just before getting wet, we circled up for Mr. Jack Webb


Started with 1 MountainClimber or Merkin and 4 Air Press

Went up the ladder and ended with 10 MountainClimber or Merkin and 40 Air Press


Back to the parking lot and lined up to Lunge Walk back out to Ocean Blvd.


Mosey’d back with mumblechatter of an F3 hike the AT plan coming together. Start at Sassafras Mountain and hike for a weekend. Sounds cool, let’s keep the chatter going. YHC nominates Bubbles to Q it.


At 6th Ave S we stopped for 10  Burpees/BurpJacks OYO


Back to the imaginary flag we Wall Sat for a solid minute


We circled up for Mary


20 American Hammers with the leg switch at 10 IC Brown Bag

20 Flutters IC Sunshine

10 Supermans SC Surf-N-Turf

20 Little Baby Leg Circles (a cross between flutters and LBACs) IC Rubber




Count-o-rama – 7




GrowRuck 4/30-5/2

GrowRuck training for Vs like YHC 1/30 at 0500 at Warthog

EH one FNG per month – gotta have goals

Freed to Bleed 3/2 (Papa Brown Bag’s 89th birthday!)



YHC Prayed us out


Karma – Dressed like it was 31* not 51*. He likes to sweat. Good work, Brother!

Bubbles – Dressed the same whether it’s 51*, 21* or 81*. Let’s hike the AT! Good work, Brother!

Surf-N-Turf – Always great to workout with you. I think you said you got your money’s worth. Good work, Brother!

Rubber – Just doing yo thang, killing it as usual. Good work, Brother!

Sunshine – Forever grateful of your trust in me to fill your shoes. Good work, Brother!

Humpback – Always making us laugh through the pain. Good work, Brother!


Always an HONOR to be Freed to Lead.


Brown Bag


Over and out


On the way home XM 23 gets turned on and David Lemieux is getting ready to queue up the 7:00 am Grateful Dead show and starts talking about the City Island show in Harrisburg, PA on June 23, 1984. And guess what? That was YHC’s first show! Drove home like the River Oaks driver I encountered on the way and took in a good part of the first set!


Life is good, brothers. Enjoy every minute of it!!!

Have a quick listen


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