Pick up Sticks (Six)

Pick up Sticks (Six)

Workout Date:



Kiwi (RX2)


Candy Cane (AOQ), Pikachu, Quaker (R), Cyclone

The Thang:

The weather was balmy but not hot on this morning the mugginess of summer having descended on Myrtle Beach.

I had volunteered my services to Candy Cane a while ago to Q at The Plank which is one of the more stout locales for any Q. Unfortunately for me the M & I had drove in from visiting our son – Will in Boone, NC – a visit that had gone much longer than expected and we had arrived home early this morning with me getting to bed around 12:30 AM and not to sleep before 1:30 AM. Luckily although I had forgotten my Q I looked at slack and saw that I was Q at the Plank – which was a wake up just 3 hours away! Well it was decision time – fartsack as many might do or suck it up and get after it. I did the latter for a number of reasons but mostly because I have a high regard to Candy Cane and the way he has stepped up to replace Castaway (another excellent HIM), Quaker another close brother had HCed and I kind of figured that Pikachu might be in attendance – and I knew I would never hear the end of it if I fartsacked my Q – never a doubt I was going and leading!

Disclaimer followed by mission statement after one minute warning and we were off


20- Harry Rockettes – a little under the breath mumble chatter about that this isn’t Catapult but taken in stride

20 – Followed by pretty good cadence on Imperial Walkers

15- Tempo Squats

15 – Totally bizarre Kiwi cadence that went south on windmills but got straight after a minute or two (I was at three while touching my first foot) everyone had a good laugh at my expense on this one which got us all in the right mood.

15- Little Baby Arm Circles forward followed by big baby arm circles (should probably just be big arm circles in reverse – more mumble chatter and laughter

Warm up mosey around the track

The Thang: as mentioned above I told the HIM that I was probably going to be sucking wind from lack of sleep and so the idea was make your own pace and then come back to “pick up the six” doing the designated exercise both directions then finishing with the six (last man).

10 hand release merkins each 10 yard line full length of the field (100 total) with bear crawling in between – this got a big whoop from the big man – Pikachu stating “that’s what I’m talking about!” which made me feel great until about the 30 yard line at which time I was trying to ensure my heart didn’t explode and I didn’t spill merlot all over the football field. All managed to keep it together through the 100 yards with the guys coming back to pick up the six

mosey a lap

To the block pile and then 10 curls every 10 yards length of the football field and 10 bent over rows or tri-extensions on the way back. Good workout that allowed modification to increase affect.

mosey a lap

blocks overhead – rifle carry (pikachu) – shoulder (yours truly) and run / walk all the stairs – this seemed especially tough to me given I had moved a bed, etc up 5 flights of stairs about 10 times the day before up in Boone for son Will.

Return the blocks and circle up for 10 burpees – definitely a favorite of Pikachu which got a big laugh out of the the AOQ – Candy Cane. Although we finished a couple of minutes (less than 5 but still early – CC felt cheated I could tell) we did have announcements, COT

Announcements – Blood Drive – look on slack for date, baseball game coming up June 30

Prayers – my Fraternity Brother Gary Robinson – wife (Lisa) second surgery for brain cancer, unspoken, soldiers / sons/ daughters – lost, first responders

Praise – Mom – leg getting better

Great group of HIM this morning – hadn’t worked out with Cyclone much but enjoyed his quiet hard work and great to support and be in the gloom with CC, Pikachu, and Quaker

Honor to Lead