Picking our dates (and beatdown) at TimeShare

Picking our dates (and beatdown) at TimeShare

Workout Date:



Hefty (Lake Norman)


Enron, Viagra, Cubbie, Burgandy, Blueprint (Carpex)

The Thang:

Always a pleasure and an honor to be able to lead while DR.  T-Claps to my 2.0 TrapperKeeper for doing some recon work last night and helping me put together today’s workout.

BIL Blueprint and YHC take the normal 2 mile standard to the Timeshare AO where YHC spots what looks to be a coyote.  Blueprint takes after it and for some reason I follow.

0529 – 1 min warning given

0530 – Disclaimer and off we go!


SSH (IC) x 20

Copperhead Squats (IC) x 10

Mountain climbers (IC) x 10

#22 Merkins OYO

Dippy birds (5) IC each leg

mosey to the playground


To bring a TimeShare theme to the day, we have an exercise for each day of July and each PAX, in rotating fashion, gets to choose a day they want (or don’t 🙂

Each exercise is in varying locations around the park so we stayed on the move for the majority of the time.  Got about 2 miles in for the workout.

Cubbie with the first pick in the draft chose July 4th – suicides at the tennis courts with ascending merkins

Enron – July 20th – deconstructed burpees at the fountain – 10 squats, 10 goiners, 10 merkins all IC

Viagra – July 18th – “Evolution of Man” at the tennis courts – Dragon walk down one side, bear crawls, lunges, then mosey.  Here we spot 4 or so foxes scurrying off.

Blueprint – July 1st – 30 OYO steps ups at the bleachers

Here, YHC gave the PAX and option of 15 burpees or a trivia question with the option of no exercise, or maybe something worse with a wrong answer.  Enron took the lead and opted for the trivia.  “Today is what National Day?” Hint it ties in with an exercise linked to beach area workouts.  All wrong answers and the correct answer was given…today is National Sugar Cookie Day!  We did 10 (IC) LBC’s and 10 (IC) hand release merkins on the baseball field.

Burgandy – July 17th – Hop overs at balance beam 3x all the way

YHC – July 31st – 10 OYO Pistol Squats by the covered picnic area

Second Round

Cubbie – July 22nd – Raccoon walk around the raised wall by the fountain – here the PAX found all kind of goodies (slugs, roast beef sandwiches, etc)  Some gloves may or may not have been throw away at thi point.

Enron – July 11th – Karaoke around the outfield fence at the baseball fields (switch directions at center field)

Viagra – July 16th – hill repeats from the Yoga Mat up to the bathrooms 3x

Blueprint – July 2nd – 30 OYO dips back at the fountain – the only PAX to choose successive dates.  I guess when you live down here you don’t have to incorporate the commute down.

Here YHC faintly hears a “2 til” call from Cubbie but shrugs it off thinking he has 17 more minutes of fun.

Burgandy – July 3rd – 25 LBC’s (IC) by small covered area on picnic tables

Now, Burgandy, a little more assertively states it is 0600, which only then does YHC remember we started at 0515.  Mosey back to the AO.


Tied the Nation Sugar Cookie day back into the mix, and simply asked that we be the treat in someone’s lives today.  Make them smile!



prayer out

Thanks for the extra few minutes this morning…truly enjoy my visits and time with the PAX.


Its a pleasure to lead and be led by you fine men.




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