Planes, Spartans, GORUCK

Planes, Spartans, GORUCK

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Penelope, Rousey (R)

The Thang:

So after going back and forth about taking the Q at waverucker I noticed Tuesday that this morning was open and I figured now was as good as ever to go for it. Wednesdays at waverucker have seemed to be leaning towards focusing on miles while Mondays have been more PT so to keep that trend going we were going for miles today.

I showed up to the AO with a few minutes to spare to find both Rousey and Penelope waiting. After a little bit of pep talk and Rousey setting me up with a true rucksack we were on our way with a route that I had been pondering for a while now. Once we found our pace the conversations began and topics ranging from work, planes, upcoming Spartan race plans, GORUCK events, and the fact that Penelope is terrified of driving in the mountains but still drove van 1 for the BRR. With the conversations going strong both time and miles had gone past faster than I had planned and we were already within site of the lot. After everything was said and done we got 5.23 miles in by my watch in 1:25:00.

Prayers: Rouseys son as he is soon to graduate, Manziel and family, Humpback and family

YHC prayed us out