Plank 2.0?

Plank 2.0?

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane (QIC), Tiny Dancer

The Thang:

So after some interest and likes on the Slack channel YHC decided to keep this Monday option alive and hop on the Q sheet just to see who would show, keep myself accountable especially after running the half the day before, and to be honest because I had a feeling no one else was gonna step up and do it. As usual a couple Plank guys had reached out to see if we were going to get some miles in so I knew i wouldnt be alone on the fine Monday morning.

I decided to get to The Hulk early to stretch the legs a little and believe it or not Tiny Dancer was already there checking his watch waiting at the ready to get some miles in. After distracting Tiny with some mumble chatter about weekend activities so i could stretch we checked the time and said lets go. As usual I always have a planned route and would never make this up as I go so in true Pikachu fashion I did the ”we have never done this before but we will see how it goes” approach to the route i had thought up. The pace was easy so Tiny could talk because apparently we have to move at a mall walking pace for that to happen but good mumble chatter was had and apparently we were running in circles all over Marina Parkway according to Tiny. We made it back to the Hulk lot at 6:01 with just under 7 miles but feeling like we had another 10+ in us so progress is being made.

Catch you accelerating men next week!