Plank Wednesday

Plank Wednesday

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The Thang:

Weather- 54 and clear.  Arrived at Republic early to refresh myself with this great AO- lots of fun in Downtown Conway.  Arranged the course route, finding some new ways to run/workout, pulled back to water tower at 5:05 after driving around and around and around!  Straplock pulled, in, Frog joined, and the rest of the boys made it over to the planted flag as I gave the 1 minute warning and “thorough” disclaimer!


22 Merkins IC for the Vets

15 sec plank


30 sec plank


45 sec plank

15 LBAC forward & backward

22 Flutters IC

1 minute plank

22 IW IC


Slow mosey as a group up to the square by the old Police station.  Wall-sit on the brick wall while 1 person runs the square- forward mosey on the 2 sides, backwards run on the 2 ends.  when the runner gets back to the wall, next person starts to run.  About 3 minutes worth of wall sits/runs to complete the 5-man rotation.  lots of mumble chatter going on in Conway- love that.  Next round was planks instead of wall-sits.  much tougher to hold plank- work hard to hold position!  Nice work.

Indian Run down Main st- left on Elm down to courthouse large parking lot, about 1/4 mile trek.

all the way to the end of the parking lot- found about 100 yards of grass for Indian hurdles.  4 of us would low plank about 5 yards apart- runner would hurdle all 4 to the end of the line, then plank to continue the chain.  Great work here- as I was planning to go all the way down AND back with plank hurdles…..but, Straplock gave me the 5:50 warning… we modify!  circle up for a round of 6”, yes, more core work.

4 rounds of 6” legs, arms up, neck off ground, moans, shaking, core engaged!!

Karaoke all the way back the 100 yards for another round of 6”.  3 rounds repeated.

mosey to the parking lot between courthouse and AO flag.  last round of 6”.  4 rounds repeating, just longer reps!


Announcements- Straplock gave me the “Conway schedule” for beatdowns.  DragonBoat in April, Adventure Race in March, Waverucker for GoRuck in April.  Q sheet is set for Feb- awesome!  I will grab a March date!

Lots going on, get on Slack, get out to Q, get out to Happy Hours- be involved in the Brotherhood, and stay connected to Christ!!

Prayers for Big Wheelz and Pert- please stop the Windmills!!  family sickness still all over, much thanks for the love of Christ in our lives.  OUT.

Honor to lead, Republic is an awesome site to have fun with the Q. (at some point this spring/summer we can take advantage of the river!)

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