Plantation Lakes #1 takes over Village…….so says Twitter…..

Plantation Lakes #1 takes over Village…….so says Twitter…..

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Vitamin D, Boxcar, Rubber, Beefsteak, Sunshine, Brown Bag, rocky top, Humpback, Kitten, War Eagle, The Choice (Situation?), El Red Cardo, Dust Bunny (FNG)

The Thang:

Boxcar texted me last week stating there was a need for a solid veteran Q at the Village desperately needed!  So, why not have the best Q’er from Plantation Lakes there to lead the beatdown?!  So, grab my best socks and make sure I had underwear on, throw the 58 pound sandbag in the car and head over.

weather- 46 and clear, no issues at all.  1 minute warning, disclaimer given, Rubber burns rubber in about 5:31.  here we go

22 Merkins IC #22kills

20 IW IC

mosey to the far parking lot, circle up (ran by Brown Bag who was parking!)


20 Tempo Squats IC

mosey to the back of the field, circle up



20 Arm Circles F&B IC

mosey back to flag, partner up for DORA

200 crunches

200 flutters (2 count)

200 plank jacks

as partner returns from mosey- partner exercises are: burpees for crunches, merkins for flutters, squats for plank jacks.

3 burpees clapping hands at top, 5 merkins slapping hands at top, 10 squats together.  great work done by all here.

keep partners together for Indian run around entire AO.  on the run, talk with partner and find out something new about each other.  Meet up back at flag.

sandbag circle!  with your partner, in the middle of the circle with the sandbag.  10 Squats together, while other PAX do air squats.

10 shoulder presses.  as PAX is counting the reps, the other partner is telling the group what they learned about their partner.  great dialogue and fellowship for these 6-8 minutes.  Beefsteak has 10 kids (or 4)!

I called time at 6:13 and Brown Bag thought I had kicked his dog.  so I asked him for the last exercise- 11 burpees. (not a crowd favorite!!)

TIME.  awesome job by all

Announcements- Convergence on 12/22 at BS.  BE THERE

One Call is doing a rucking Q on 12/20 at Village for those interested.  Also mentioned I will be Q’in Waverucker on 12/26 with the FIA girls at Warthog as another introductory rucking Q.

prayed out. Aye,




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