Playing Games or BOOYAH Merkins (Q vs Q)

Playing Games or BOOYAH Merkins (Q vs Q)

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Quaker & Skidmark


Ms Pac-man, Boxcar, Brownbag, El Red Cardo, One Call, Bling, Humpback, Rubber, Crankbait, Headgear, Litterbox, Texas Ranger, The Intern, Vitimin D, Quaker, Skidmark (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC was excited to participate in this Q vs Q challenge against Quaker.  He’s a good guy, so I hate to see him lose.  This friendly competition seems to bring out more creative beatdowns and is just all around fun.  If you have already read Quaker’s meh backblast, I’ll try to do you a favor and not go on and on.  Some of us are busy you know.  🙂  Our of respect of elders I took the first round, and to give Quaker a fighting chance.

Conditions:  About 66 degrees, a little damp, but wonderful!

One minute warning.

Disclaimer given by One Call.

COP (led by One Call): 20 SSH IC, 15 TTT IC, 15 Windmills IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC, 22 Merkins IC

Time to play a little music.  Today is 3/11 (and my mom turns 75 today), so first up is a little 311 – “All Mixed Up” to get the crowd ready to go.  Oh, and that was my speaker by the way.  I mean, just saying.

The Thang 1: (YHC)

Don’t blow the whistle!

All PAX grab a coupon and pair up on road by the coupon pile.  PAX 1 carriers block to far end of road while PAX does AMRAP exercise with block.  The block is left for the partner PAX to bring back.  1st – Curls, 2nd – OH Press, 3rd – Kettle Bell Swing, 4th – Flutter Kicks.  To mix it a little I carried a Burpee whistle (that I borrowed from my son’s Cub Scout survivor kit).  Every time the whistle blew all PAX stopped where they were to do 5 Burpees – done 3 times.  10 minutes, just enough time to cook Quaker oatmeal (my attempt at a joke).  Next up – Quaker.

The Thang 2: (Quaker)

10 minutes of us standing around in a circle waiting for the next Jeopardy question.  The penalty for a wrong answer was of course, Burpees.  Just kidding, Quaker did a great job with questions about local PAX as well as F3 nation.  It was physical and fun – kudos!

The Thang 3: (YHC)  

BOOYAH Merkins!

The PAX gathered in the middle of the drive behind the church for some more partner work (while Bling took notes).  Partner PAX started facing each other before we ran to the end of the drive that they were facing toward.  One side was for 20 Squats and the other for 10 BBS.  As the PAX met in the middle they did 15 Booyah Merkins (Merkins with partner in front to give clap after each one).  This was repeated once.  As 10 minutes approached fast we had time to change it up for 1 round with 20 Lunges (instead of Squats) and 10 4ct Am Hammers (instead of BBS) with Booyahs in the middle.  Oh, and of course the whistle was blown once.  Back to Quaker.

The Thang 4:  (Quaker)

Part 2 of F3 Jeopardy.  Quaker made sure to include the PAX that didn’t get a chance in the first round.  This round all PAX had to run a sprint for a wrong answer.  There may have been some mumble chatter about the “laminated” popsicle sticks Quaker used for the questions.

With about 2 minutes to go we all took a little mosey (past some mysterious cones) back to the shovel flag.  We circled up and 3 PAX got a chance to hit Quaker with some Jeopardy style questions.  Good news was he got them all right, the bad news was we still had to do Burpees.

I’m hoping this was tight between Quaker and YHC.  Quaker definitely came prepared.  Tomorrow’s Q vs Q is Brownbag and Boxcar at The Village.  Be there!

Awesome fun, and always an honor to Q (or coQ)!

Make it a great day!

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