Polar Bear!

Polar Bear!

Workout Date:





Kiwi, O'douls and Pikachu (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: High 30s, dry and no wind – the sweltering temps that we once wrote (complained) about are in the rear-view mirror.

The Catapult (#CP) – a flourishing AO of F3 GrandStrand (GS) – is strategically located in Carolina Forest (CF) providing Pax who live in the AOR Monday through Saturday workout options.  #CP provides a “moderate” pace bootcamp experience conducive to FNGs, Pax on IR, and Kotters as well as plenty of opportunities to “level up” the difficulty (or QIC audibling a challenge that occurred this morning!)

YHC/QIC grabbed the Q today as the Q sheet showed open slots…and why not start the month off right (#accelerating with the F3GS crew) and lead this morning!  First was Kiwi (calves and legs sore from #EM, but back at it the next day!), then O’Douls (trim with chiseled Tony Stark esq beard) and Pikachu who rolled in after the warm ups directly into Segment 1 (but he did not disappoint to onlookers as revealed later).

Welcome to F3, mission and disclaimer.

Warm Up:
IC 15 – 20 reps. of SSHs, TTTs, WMs and Tempo S; 2 sets of 5 CP Burpees (slow methodical burpee that double duty as its own low impact exercise and as a warmup).

SEGMENT 1: 21 “Fit Test”

Pax moseyed on over to the large parking lot and while on the way grabbed a cinderblock (w/ freshly stenciled “F3”; YHC got the blue/black Hightower block – awesome job Pikachu and Spork!) from the #coupon pile. 21 is a superset of the “11s” circuit with station 1 being 20 reps. of an assigned exercise; then movement (ex. run) to station 2 to do 1 rep. of another assigned exercise making the total reps. 21. Then run back and do 19 at station 1, movement, 2 at station 2, and back & forth & so on until numbers are flipped.

Station 1: Pax alternated between Merkins and Curls (essentially a block of ice adding to the suck factor). Run, trot or walk to next station.

Station 2: Pax alternated between Squats and LBCs.

On or around sets 18:3…here is where it went a bit quirky (Hamburglar would have approved)…and the fine folks of CF Community Church (CFCC) apparently helping with voter logistics may have been exposed…not to COVID…but a few Pax who went “polar bear” with stripping off their shirts in the almost freezing weather. Hype about YHC having plenty of “modifiers” at a #CP Q compelled me to step up my game and challenge the Pax to level up to polar bear during the 21.  Pikachu immediately stripped; YHC did the same.  Flabalanch!  The other 2 didn’t…citing all manner of health risks.  While not chiseled to the likes of Flash, Sunshine or ERC, we believe that the 60+ y.o. female crowd at CFCC were treated today by the AOQ and former AOQ.

SEGMENT 2: Pax choice of OYO exercise 5 reps., then a quick round of MARY, and an even quicker round of stretching.


COR – 4
Praise report/Prayer requests: spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  2F 2.0 campout (see Slack for details on all); Jacob Hancher – F3 Hightower memorial coin fundraiser (click here for deets); Give2Give and more.  The more you plug in, the more you see the big picture of F3!

NMMS: Strong work this morning!  Great to be back at #CP to lead these #HIM.  Thanks for obliging my humor and next time we all go shirtless (don’t let hypothermia be a hindrance; the blue hairs at CFCC are expecting it — lol)!

Honor to lead!



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