Poor Jingles and his disintegrating hip…

Poor Jingles and his disintegrating hip…

Workout Date:





Valvano, Hamburglar, Cotton Candy, FNG Lure 2.0, Bubbles, Franklin, Headgear, Disconnect, Geno, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

Standard – Brutal 80+ at 0530, with 110% humidity

Good ole #Warthog.  The #Mothership as it is affectionately known.  Disconnect needed some help when Jingles (who had signed up to Q) blew out his hip for the 92nd time this past weekend at the Virginia Creeper Trail.  The guy is 142 years young, but keeps on going strong!  Heal up Brother.  And Billboard is out too with injury.  This cycling stuff is nuts!  Somehow Franklin made it tho…he must be tougher than those 2.  My car pool crew bailed.  I assume they were afraid of a real beatdown and someone actually watching their form, not letting Bling lay around on his belly, or Boxcar pretend to do merkins.  But Geno made it!  Great chatter on the ride to and fro.  Poncherello, I mean Bubbles, loves his new motorcycle!  Great seeing Day 2 for Cotton Candy…and bringing in the 17 y.o. 2.0 for his FNG day.  That’s what F3 is all about.  Investing in those we love – family, friends, the community.   One never knows what in the tarnation Hamburglar will look like or be wearing – mustache, fu man chu, clean, walmart shirt, no shirt, tank top, headband, bandana – his styles are endless.  Thank goodness (as he posts all the time) his M makes that couple look good!  Tallie Tall tall tall (as Disconnect has pet-named Valvano) was there with a 2 mile pre-run!!!  Blistering 15 minutes.  Dang son!  Keep it up for DC!  Your partner may need to get out of bed to try to keep up!  Headgear/Soto – was in rare form.  He looks like everything hurts on him, but he don’t quit.  Work on those diamond merkins there fella.  Alright, enough of that….so I wrote the Q and I wanted to do something involving lots of stuff.  Here goes!


SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC – y’all know who you were not doing em right
BBSU’s on the AWESOME ground there on Forbus.  OUCH.  10 OYO
Mosey to this side of bridge
TTT x 12 IC
Diamond Merkins x 10 IC
Flutters x 20 IC
Mosey to Valor Park
Windmills x 12 IC
Wide arm Merkins x 10 IC
LBC’s x 20 IC
Mosey over the other parking deck that we never use since there should be air there as it is open.
*NOTE – there was still no air there

Here was the Plan – 3 rounds – low reps – keep perfect form
Round 1 – LEGS
Backwards run up the incline
Corner 1 – 10 squats
Corner 2 – 10 lunges each leg
Corner 3 – 10 jump squats
Corner 4 – 10 reverse lunges each leg – try not to fall over
Mosey between corners
Run down the incline
Plank/wall sit/LBC’s on 6

Round 2 – UPPER BODY
Crawl Bear up the incline – so many complaints
Corner 1 – 10 merkins
Corner 2 – 10 diamond merkins
Corner 3 – 10 CDD’s
Corner 4 – 10 hand release merkins – some of us rested quittttteeee a bit on the release!
Mosey between corners
Bear crawl down the incline
Plank/wall sit/LBC’s on 6

Round 3 – CORE – and some tris
Crab walk feet first run up the incline – H O L Y  C O W
If  (and when) you have to stop – get in 5 nice BBSU’s uphill!!
Huge #T-Claps here to Disconnect as the only one who made it up the hill non-stop!!
I don’t know whether or not to #T-Clap the guys that turned this into the “dog on the carpet” move!?!
Corner 1 – 10 windshield wipers
Corner 2 – 10 2 count flutters
Corner 3 – 10 hello dollys
Corner 4 – 10 heels to heaven
Mosey between corners
Crab walk arms first down the incline
If (and when) you have to stop – head low, feet up 45 degrees – hold and engage core for 10 seconds
Plank/wall sit/LBC’s on 6 – or by this time – lay around

We did a quick recovery walk to talk about F3, core principles, mission, etc…then moseyed back to bridge, then moseyed or sprinted to the flag – PAX choice


Count-O-Rama – 10, with an FNG
Prayer requests Hamburglar – Lucy and family
Prayer requests Hamburglar – Jim and family
Prayer requests Disconnect – pastor relative and family
Prayer requests Headgear daughter and family
Prayer requests injured PAX – Varsity, Billboard, Jingles
Prayer requests families in general, travels, country
Prayers unspoken

Man that was one of those that sounded great on paper.
Bling – I know you weren’t there – since your “perfect Q” aspirations that always fall just a wee bit short – you really could have learned something today!  LOL  Love ya man.
Valvano said that was the 2nd hardest workout of the week.  Wonder how he knows what Fergie has in store for Saturday.
Amazing work by everyone – there was at least 1 thing for everyone there that they hated….that’s what makes us better – pushing those things!!!
Honor to lead you fine men!

– #FreedToBleed – stay tuned – this will be an amazing #GiveBack to the community
– 2.0 Tuesday night summer workouts are HUGE.  Be there!!!
– GrowRuck in March/April 2021 – Weekend of Leadership Development Training – No experience needed.  Read some BB’s or AAR’s on these things.  They are amazing opportunities for each of us to grow personally as leaders and to help our region reach new levels!  Nothing to be scared of non-ruckers.   You can handle it with a little training and guidance from the ruckers.  #AnythingSotoCanDoEveryoneElseCanDoBetter
– Set up some #2ndF date nights/lunches whatever!
– MONDAY – NEW AO starts – Karma AOQ – 0700 in Surfside Beach – see Slack for details
– SIGN UP TO Q – #Warthog, and everywhere!
– Negotiations have begun on an AO challenge – stay tuned


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