Post Birthday Blast! Parenting Moleskin!

Post Birthday Blast! Parenting Moleskin!

Workout Date:



Vit D


Quaker, Skidmark, Texas Ranger

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 40s with a drizzle arriving earlier than forecasted.


Yesterday was the birthday for YHC and my oldest 2.0.  Which means cake and cheesecake.  The Q sheet was open so YHC decided to get back on the wagon for some Q accountability.  Skidmark saw this as well but graciously deferred the Q.



25 SSH ic
25 IW ic
10 Burpees OYO
22 Merkins ic
20 TTT ic
15 Windmills ic
20 Tempo squats ic
Shoulder series (LBAC forward and rev, raises forward and reverse, rotations, air presses) ic

Mozy to parking lot for a little body weight strengthening. Pick a painted line and do exercise down and back. With a set of 10 leg exercises in between to break things up.

Crab walk
Iron Mikes
Jump squats
Prisoner squats
Iron Mikes

Next up, Mozy to coupon pile for for more resistance!

100 Burpees over the coupon to ensure a complete plyo jump and reduce the flying Squirrel action.

Sets of 10 were called with a recovery run the length of the back parking lot.

After 5 sets, YHC noticed we were losing PAX and modified break up sets with

100 Curls (Sets of 20)


100 Presses (Sets of 20)


100 Swings (Sets of 20)


Then over to building wall for partner work.  One pax holds wall squat while partner did 2 balls to the wall (wall walks).  Get as vertical as possible!


20 Squats



Now that 100 burpees were completed.  Coupons were returned and PAX moseyed to YHC vehicle where more props were waiting! (Kettlebells and Jumpropes!)

Partner up again. 1 Round

One Pax complete 25 KB swings or deadlifts
Partner does best Rocky impression on the rope.

20 Hollow rocks
20 Supermans

Hamstring mobility
Forward Fold
Jefferson Curls



Count o rama
Name o rama


Christmas party on December 15

Bring gifts for hospital to a workout.

Convergence on December 22 at Bomb Squad at 7


Prayer Request/Moleskin

-Texas Rangers M returning to work after the baby and childcare needs.

-10 kids being impacted in 2 families divorces

-Quaker gave passionate message to be a HIM and focus on your 2.0s while at home, avoiding distracted parenting!  A family member is going through a divorce and feels like they have blown it with 2 teenage kids.

Part of Man’s responsibility is engaging with children and setting a habit of interacting in conversation.

YHC definitely has room for improvement, but one suggestion that has seemed to work well and has been well received by the shorties is to take off from work on their birthdays.  This works well especially if they are young! You can then go eat lunch with them at school.  Take/Pick them up too.

It is never too late to start building/rebuilding relationships!







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