Post Mini-Marathon (that was cancelled)

Post Mini-Marathon (that was cancelled)

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Bling, Lombardi, Turn and Cough, OneCall

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High-50’s.  Very nice

Today was supposed to be post-mini marathon (which meant no one would have been here today as we rested).  It was not.  The mini-marathon was cancelled.  Very very sad.  Huge shout out though to Black Dog and Fleet Feet who hosted their own half-marathons and TClaps to all our PAX that ran it and to Hoser who rucked it all by himself!  The later start time messed with everyone else’s schedule.  We’ll ruck 13.1 sometime soon.

So since we were not in recovery mode, #ElevationMonday was set, Valvano was out for parental obligations, YHC took the Q.  Easy one really – ruck stairs, add stuff for runners since #EM is open to all.  No runners showed.  4 ruckers did.

Ruck up and head to 13 flight stairwell.  Up to top.  Rest a spell.  Down.  Up to top.  Rest a spell.  Some slippage since the top floor had wet carpet, which made shoes wet, which when applied to narrow stairs = slippage.  So modify plan in my head.  Ruck 7 flights, every OTHER step, 10 full squats at each level.  Rest a spell.  Ruck the remaining flights, every OTHER step, 10 full calf raises at each level.  Top floor.  Lunge walk with perfect form to the elevators – probably about 30 yards.  Take elevator down so as to avoid injury on wet shoes going down stairs.

Out of stairwell.  Ruck around to the steep ramp.
10 curls, OH ruck walk to top, 10 curls, front ruck walk down, 10 curls.
Rinse and repeat subbing tri extensions for curls
2 PAX plank while other 2 grab 2 rucks each and farmer walk to top and back
Flip flop

Cross the street
25% mosey around the ramp entrance and exit thing
75% the incline, 100% the straight, 50% the decline, 35% a full loop as cool down
Backwards run up incline to top, decent mosey down and up other side, backwards run down decline to start

Back to our rucks
1 full flight of stairs, lunge walk the 30 yards to elevator, down to bottom, ruck to vehicles


Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer request – TNC and church move/stuff going on
Prayer requests upspoken

– While we were all sad the mini was cancelled, we put in some hard work this morning!  Great being out there with everyone!
– Where was #SandBlox??


  • #ShieldLockChallenge is over and “Best Team” Won.  Bubbles has no clue.  Crankbait – #MagicEraser
  • Ruck or Run the mini-marathon in MB!!!  Sunday, October 20
  • CCU Football per Bling – Saturday November 30.  FREE tix!  Cookout, tailgate, etc.  M and 2.0 friendly!  If you have a large portable grill, let Bling know ASAP
  • 5th Annual Christmas party – details coming from High Interest and/or Sunshine!



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