Preturkey Beatdown

Preturkey Beatdown

Workout Date:



Shared q


Straplock, Mudslide, Big Wheelz, Etcha Sketch,Saved by the Bell, Bob the Builder, Frog

The Thang:

Disclaimer given by mudslide


20Seal jacks In Cadence

20 lbac forward, hand raises, chinook, lbac reverse in Cadence

20 imperial walkers in Cadence

mosey to brick wall 10 burpees climb wall 10 prisoner squat down to 1

Hand off q to straplock

run steps to city hall twice go to fountain 20 dips and rocky balboa in Cadence rinse and repeat

hand off to Big wheelz

four corners at police lot

25 merkins 50 squats, 75 lbc, 100 SSH

Mosey back to circle for ball of man

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