Put me in Coach!

Put me in Coach!

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Cheesy Biscuit, Papa Smurf, Sprinkles, Mater, Progresso, Birthday Boy, Pluff Mud, Goldberg, Swimmer, Snow Man, Billy Bob, Black Top, Esau, I am missing 1 PAX, SORRY but dude, you had the cool truck!

The Thang:

It was an unbelievable arrival to have the sky lit up from the lights at the ball fields. I rolled in and already saw quite a few PAX assembling- very strong showing! I immediately saw Goldberg’s socks glowing, and was really blown away he traveled over to give me some local support. That is one of the things I like about F3!

We circled up, and the shovel flag came rolling up in a dust cloud as I gave the disclaimer and we started. A set of accelerating SSH and imperial walkers got us going and I quickly learned something different about this AO- they are a chatty bunch with no regard for CADENCE. But, with Murrells Inlet being a vacation destination, I can understand the laid back approach.

We eased over to the small ball field and broke into 4 groups to reassemble at each base and home plate. Once there 10 merkins, 10 jump squats, and 10 2 count skiers. Bear crawl to the next base/plate and repeat. Rinse until back where you started. We reformed at home and half ran the 3rd base line to the fence and the other half to the 1st base line and fence. Once there, 10 big boys, 10 2 count plank jacks, and 10 2 count mountain climbers. Of course, I knew each group thought the pole was longer, so we switched to even it out! After we finished round 2, the entire PAX moseyed to center field for one more set of the same. We returned to home plate and a PAX came up, gave me a fist bump, said “good workout, I’m done”! We were 9 minutes in! OUCH

We then moved over to the big field, reformed at the bases/plate in our groups. This time was the same thing except lunge from base to base. Stop when you had hit the proverbial HOMERUN!

We then moseyed over to my truck for a coupon handout. I had us move over to the end overflow lot, break into teams at each of the 5 coupons, and get ready. PAX 1 took the coupon for a run to the end of the lot and back- 75 yards total. The remaining PAX did AMRAPS of PAX choice. We did 3 evolutions of each group. We then kept in our groups and PAX 1 did 5 Turkish get ups with the coupon while the others continued AMRAPs of PAX choice. Once done, he ran down and back after handing off the coupon. 3 sets of these led to some spirited sprinting- it really was- not a fast mosey- a real sprint! We finished, picked up the 6 and re-racked the coupons.

We moseyed back to the SF and circled up for ab-athalon. 3 sets of 10 IC LBC’s, flutter kicks, and big boy situps.

We finished, name-a-rama, announcements, and prayer requests.

I prayed us out, and we took a group photo with TAP for Robber!

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