Q Brown Bag vs Q Boxcar – Epic Times at The Village

Q Brown Bag vs Q Boxcar – Epic Times at The Village

Workout Date:



Brown Bag, Boxcar


Humpback, Skidmark, Kitten, Headgear, Quaker, Skimmer, The Intern, War Eagle, Red Coat, Bling, Sunshine, Boxcar, Brown Bag

The Thang:

Weather app says 53* actual 44* (YHC was pumped up and didn’t feel it)

The Q vs Q challenge bracket idea came out and when Quaker put out the challenge to all PAX, it was okay, let’s do this! With the brackets set YHC saw his first round was up against Boxcar. Boxcar proceeded to fire the first shot over the bow via Twitter announcing that YHC “Was going down”. That was all YHC needed to get fired up and from there on out, the gloves were off.


Prep time… what to do on Q? Well the wardrobe idea came as YHC was going through the morning routine last Friday and the thought was, “How about all white?”. Then YHC got to Friday’s beatdown and the first thing Boxcar says was that he’s going across the pond and has plans to visit Wimbledon. Any tennis fan knows that it is all white at Wimbledon or you don’t get on the courts so with that, it was a definite. All white on Q.


Now for ideas to make the beatdown memorable and to also make it a challenging beatdown. YHC has no idea where the sack race idea came from but the next thing he knew he was calling around trying to find burlap bags. Conway Grain and Feed said they didn’t have them but asked what YHC needed them for. “To make grown men climb in them for a sack race.”, was his answer. They said that had just what YHC needed, large poly bags.


YHC in awesome preparedness brought a coin and Quaker flipped, Boxcar called heads and heads it was. He deferred and YHC was designated to go first.


At 0530 Bling lead us off with the proper disclaimer as Humpback pulled in taking our even dozen PAX to the ever lucky number; 13.


Warm-up consisted of:




15 IW IC


10 LBAC in reverse IC

22 Merkins IC


Short Indian Run ending up in a scattered fashion at the front of the building.


YHC time has started!


0:00 Goofball IC

1:00 Safety Dance – Butt Kicks w/ Jump Squat (changed to Burpees in Honor of @F3waterbug) at “DANCE”

4:00 15 Flutters IC

4:30 15 Mountain Climbers IC

5:00 15 American Hammers IC

6:00 15 Plank Jacks IC

7:00 Tubthumping – SSH w/ Burpees at “KNOCKED DOWN”


Boxcar’s turn


Some HoHum basketball theme commenced with made up names for the exercises. We paired up and…


Corner 1

100 jump squats while partner held a basketball variation of an AlGore


Corner 2

Charles Barkley’s (Only name YHC remembers)


Corner 3

Some more basketball themed exercises


Corner 4  

Yet some more basketball themed exercises.


Back to YHC


Mosey to Field

4 Leg Relay Race

  1. Partner up (by age)
    1. Bear Crawl
    2. Run Backwards
    3. Sprint
    4. Sack (both feet in and hop down and back)


Race won by team Sunshine/Skidmark and they chose 15 Burpees for all PAX to enjoy

Colt 45’s (15 low curls, 15 high curls, 15 full curls all with coupon)


Back to Boxcar


Still on the basketball theme the PAX partnered up and did a full court press with


64 Merkins

32 Bigboys with a hand slap

16 Flutters

8 Burpees

4 Something or others

2 Manmakers? (a burpee with an air press???)

1 Was there a 1?


Boxcar then tested the PAX’s college sports team mascot knowledge with a round of questions. Wrong answers resulted in a burpee for all.




Whew!!! What a great Q vs Q! The Q vs Q challenge 10X’s the push and the beatdowns have been excellent.


Count-O-Rama (13 HIM!)






Dragon Boat. April 27th. Still need paddlers!

P200 – Can someone just drive the van already?




Boxcar traveling across the pond today.

Waterbug (Farrell Talbert) from F3 Hartville; a 45 year old PAX, father, husband, son and friend to many passed during a 15K Race.


YHC prayed us out.


Honor to lead and honor to be up against the fine HIM known around these here parts as Boxcar!

YHC is thinking that he’ll bring a cool Wimbledon trinket back for YHC.



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