Workout Date:





Brown Bag, Sade', Jedah, CrossStitch, BeefSteak, Rousey, ERC, Speed Bump, Lombardi, Texas Ranger, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:


Conditions:  Perfect

YHC received a Sunday afternoon text from CrossStitch asking if I could take the Q for Boxcar who was DR today. Without hesitation I accepted and jumped into action to create a near perfect Wienke. It had all the necessary ingredients: A Theme, Trivia, Complete use of the entire AO, Blocks, Pax Participation, and of course – Music.

As I drove down CF Blvd, I passed 2 Pax (one was definitely BeefSteak) running away from the AO. They were about a 1.5 miles from the AO and after some quick mental calculations (factoring in distance, pace, and wind speed), YHC determined that they would not make it back for the start of the beatdown! Heck, with so many Pax running these days they may not be coming back to the beatdown at all.

When I arrived at the AO there were multiple cars in the lot. I proceeded to the back parking lot and placed 4 cones 25 yards apart on football field to be utilized later. I then parked and walked over to the planted Shovel Flag (I surmised that CrossStitch was the 2nd runner).

The Pax started flowing in the AO as the One Minute Warning approached but there was no sight of any returning runners. !! Either they were inspired by Picachu’s 9.0 miler on Saturday or more likely they were avoiding the Beatdown because someone leaked (I suspect Rousey & his FBI buddies) my “Top Secret” plans for today

5:14 – One Minute Warning –  ­8 Pax were eager to get started.

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 25 Tempo Squats; 25 Merkins (BeefSteak & CrossStitch return from their run and reluctantly join the Circle); 12 Windmills IC;  13 TTT IC; (Sade’ comes in later than ERC ever has to complete the PAX) 25 Imperial Walkers; 25 LBAC IC; 25 LBAC in Reverse IC.


Q: What is the Theme of today’s BeatDown? . . . I thought maybe the 25 reps of each warm-up exercise would be a clue, but no one had an answer.

A: Quarters (YHC pulls an oversized Quarter out of his pocket)

1st QUARTER Trivia

Q #1 : Who’s face is on the Quarter?

A #1: Washington (not Lincoln, Jedah) . . . 5 Burpees

Q #2: What is the motto inscribed on the Quarter?

A #2: In God We Trust (correct!) . . . 10 Burpees

Q #3: What is the Latin Phrase on the Quarter?

A #3: E. Pluribus Unum (correct!) . . . 5 Burpees

Q #4: What does E. Pluribus Unum mean?

A #4: “Out of many, one” (correct!!) . . . 10 Burpees

Mosey around the AO to the football field & line up on at the back of the endzone.

2nd QUARTER Pounders

Sprint 25 yards . . . 25 Merkins . . .backpedal to the Starting Line

Sprint 50 yards . . . 50 Squats  . . . backpedal to the Starting Line

Sprint 75 yards  . . . 75 Mountain Climbers . . . backpedal to the Starting Line

Sprint 100 yards . . . 100 SSh . . . backpedal to the Starting Line.

(YHC brought this tried & true favorite out of the mothballs & discovered that most Pax had never heard of it!)

Mosey to the Coupon Pile, retrieve a Cinder Block, and Circle Up

3rd QUARTER Flips – 50/50 chance of 100% pain

We went around the circle and flipped the Quarter: Heads = 25 reps of a Block Exercise & Tails=25 Reps of Ab Exercise.

The following Exercises were completed

  1. 25 Curls
  2. 25 SSH IC
  3. 25 (4ct) Flutter Kicks
  4. 25 Overhead Press
  5. 25 Hello Dolly’s
  6. 25 Little Baby Crunches (LBC)
  7. 25 Tricep Extensions
  8. 25 Block Swings

Return the Coupons & line up on the west side of the Shovel Flag Lot

4th QUARTER Smiler

Pax were instructed to run 1 full lap around the AO (1/4 of a mile) at 100%, no mosey, no mumble chatter.

Circle up in front of the Shovel Flag

Mary: 25 Flutter Kicks IC; 25 Heals to Heaven IC; 25 Freddy Mercury’s; 25 seconds of Stretches

6:00 – Time Called

Announcments: Hightower Memorial WOD/5 K/ Bridge Clean-up this Saturday (10/1/2022); Halloween Convergence (10/29/2022); 1st Annual Brown Bag Bash (October 22, 2022)

Prayers: Jedah (Hannah & Family – Covid); Brown Bag’s Older Brother turns 60; Unspoken