Q v. Q Finals: When Worlds Collide

Q v. Q Finals: When Worlds Collide

Workout Date:



Crankbait; Quaker


Hottub, Hamburglar, Humpback, Sunshine, Skidmark, Rousey, Brown Bag, Buffett, El Red Cardo, Vitamin D, Rubber, Rocky Top, Boxcar, The Intern, Texas Ranger, Crankbait (QIC), Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:


AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 69 Degrees, Calm, Low Humidity . . . Perfect

This was it!! The long-awaited Q v. Q Finals. There was stiff competition all along the way and every PAX who participated brought their ‘A’ Game!! Everyone was evenly matched and every beatdown went down to the final bell. Sunshine v. Crankbait set a high bar: who can forget Sunshine’s “Bearmuda Triangle” & Crankbait’s “Sunshine Says”. Skidmark brought a whistle to the next Q v.Q challenge while YHC quizzed the PAX on F3 Jeopardy. Then there was Brown Bag goin’ old school with sack races and Boxcar’s basketball themed beatdown! No one will soon forget the “Heavy Weight Brawl” between Rousey & Vitamin D! Vitamin D had something called Ballmakers & Duck Josting, while Rousey punished the PAX with a Death March carrying a telephone pole (#AreYouSerious!!) . . .and this was Just the 1st Round of Q v. Q!!

After the Dust Settled, The Final Four included: (1) Crankbait, (2) Boxcar, (3) Vitamin D, (4) YHC.

YHC drew the short straw and was paired against Vitamin D!! (#AreYouKiddingMe?”) Vitamin D challenged YHC to a pallet race around the Church then continued the punishment with a Manmaker Marathon. YHC counter punched with Keg Stands and Keg runs.  The next head to head was Crankbait v. Boxcar. Boxcar created a Scavenger Hunt through the Village, while Crankbait turned the tables with a Soccer Themed beatdown!! There was definitely some buzzer beaters during these beatdowns and when all the votes were tallied, Crankbait & YHC moved on to the Finals!

Truth be told YHC thought he had used up all his Mojo just to get to the finals!! How could F3 Jeopardy & 10 shiny ½ Kegs be topped!! The pressure was mounting as the day of the Finals approached;  2 days out and YHC still had nothing! The Beatdown must have been brewing in my subconscious, though, and finally burst into my being the Sunday morning!! The voice in my head said, “Give the PAX something they all want but never seen, keep everyone moving and pushing each other, and last but not least sprinkle in some great tunes (#ThanksBrownBag).” O yeah keep Angry Quaker under wraps and then unleash the beast at the very end!!

As the early bird gets the worm . . . The early PAX get the burn!! YHC arrived at the AO at 4:40 am to begin setting up for the beatdown and was pleasantly surprised when Sunshine rolled into the AO at 4:45!! This was an excellent omen and by 5:29 fourteen PAX were stretching by the Shovel Flag. By 5:31 the PAX numbers swelled to 17 and we were all on our way to a Fantastic Finish to the Inaugural Q v.Q Challenge!

Coin Toss – Quaker deferred Crankbait . . .Crankbait took rounds 1 & 3

5:29 – One Minute Warning given by Skidmark (AOQ)

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP led by Skidmark – 20 SSH IC; 15 TTT IC, 15 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 LBAC IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC, 15 Overhead Air Press


On the Shoulders of Giants 1: Ode to Fellow PAX & their favorite exercises

Crankbait led the PAX to the west corner of the Shovel Flag Lot and instructed the PAX to circle up as he cranked up AC/DC- “TNT”. Crankbait’s intro stated that we all stand on the Shoulders of Giants who have come before us and set an example and for his part of the Beatdown, Crankbait was going to Highlight some of The Giants that have impacted F3 Grandstand since its inception!

Giant #1 – Barney  . . . speed cadence SSH

Giant #2 – One Call . . . Merkins (normal, wide, diamond)

Giant #3 – Quaker . . . Pain’t the Lines

Giant #4 – Sunshine . . . Catch Me if you [Nan] Can

Giant # 5 – Boxcar . . . Balls to the Walls

Time was called and YHC took the reigns for the next 10 minutes . . . mosey to the Large Parking lot and circle up for some brief instructions before entering . . .

The Panic Room: 15 Pain Stations were set up around perimeter of Large Parking Lot. There were plenty of iron plates, various dumbbells, two tires, some cinder blocks, and one section of telephone pole.

Station #1 – Bucket Shrugs

Station #2 – 45 lbs Straight Bar Curls

Station #3 – Merkins

Station #4 – 25lbs. Overhead Press

Station #5 – Block Lunges with 2 Pavers

Station #6 – Bucket Squats

Station #7 – Decline Merkins on Double Stack of Tires

Station #8 – Step Ups on Telephone Pole

Station #9 – 10lbs Dumbbell Flys

Station #10 – 20lbs Dumbbell Curls

Station #11 –  25 lbs Bus Drivers

Station #12 – 35 lbs Bent Over Rows

Station #13 –  25lbs Upright Rows

Station #14 – 35 lbs Plate Curls

Station #15 – 25lbs Tricep Extensions

All PAX circled up in middle of Parking Lot and did “Choppy Feet”. . .YHC would randomly yell, “ GO!!” at which time all PAX would jailbreak for a Pain Station (only 1 PAX per Station). . . If a PAX beat you to the Pain Station, you would have to run and find an open Pain Station. When all Pain Stations were occupied, the Odd PAX out (2 per round) would run to center of lot for Penalty Burpees!! YHC kept a mental timer as all PAX did their exercise AMRAP. When a sufficient burn was achieved, YHC yelled,” GO to Center” and all PAX would sprint to the Center for more Choppy Feet. . .Rinse & Repeat for multiple rounds! Note: No PAX was allowed to repeat an exercise.

At the 1 minute warning, all PAX came one last time to the center for Choppy Feet & Burpees on YHC’s call!! With 15 seconds left on last “GO” was called out and all PAX jailbreak to the Pain Stations

“Choppy Feet” was a huge #CrowdPleaser and many o’PAX will be saying “Choppy Feet” in their sleep tonight, no doubt!!  Everyone is so competitive; it was fun watching the Jailbreak and seeing PAX just miss out on a Pain Station then scramble for another. This exercise routine was great because it kept everyone guessing and engaged.

The baton was passed back to Crankbait for the next 10 minutes as Shoulders of Giants continued . . .

On the Shoulders of Giants 2:

Giant #6 – Bling – Ring of Fire Ruck Press

Giant #7 – Rubber – Low & Slow Flutter Kicks

Giant #8 – Handy Manny – Mountain Climbers/Plank Jacks

Giant #9 – Papa Smurf –Jack Webs

Back to YHC for the final 10 minutes . . . Mosey back to the Large Parking Lot

Parking Lot Burn Outs: All PAX moseyed back to Large Parking lot and were instructed to bring all the Pain Stations to Center of  the Lot and Circle up for a round of Parking Lot Burn Outs!! The 2 PAX without weights/blocks/telephone pole would race each other around parking lot as the pace car while all other PAX AMRAP’d an exercise to burn out the muscles. Once the race was over 2 other PAX would line up for the next race while each PAX steps to his right & rotates through each exercise AMRAP style.

Same Exercises as listed above. Note: the tires were not used, however, the pavers were split up and used individually. . . .The Intern tried to sneak a 2 ½ plate into the workout, but was immediately called out by YHC #NiceTry

Note: Each PAX running was instructed to run 1 full circle of the parking lot, however, none of us could quite get this right, so after the 3rd rotation, PAX were instructed to run 2 laps around the circle. As Buffett so eloquently observed, “like Duck, Duck, Goose!!”

After all PAX took a turn running, Angry Quaker instructed the PAX to mosey to the front Parking Lot and line up. In the distance 3 orange cones were neatly placed about 30-40 yrds apart. All PAX were instructed to bearcrawl to the first cone, then sprint to the last cone and plank on the six. When all PAX arrived we lined up and sprinted back to the starting cone. When all PAX arrived, we did one last sprint back to the Shovel Flag!!

Time Called


Count-o-Rama = 17


Announcements:  Pikachu’s VQ tomorrow (5/7/19)at the Catapult; INT play in beatdown for next years Q v. Q  on Wednesday (Rousey v. El Red Cardo); Its Official – F3 Grandstrand wins GZ Dragonboat 2019; Rousey’s putting together a Spartan Team for this summer (see him for details/check slack)

Remember to Vote . . . Every vote counts!!

Prayers spoken & unspoken; special prayers for Handy Manny and his new daughter


Moleskin:  Thank you all for participating in and supporting Q v. Q Challenge! It was a Blast! Special thanks to Brown Bag (#TwoWords) for always bringin’ great tunes! Special Thanks to High Interest for creating and promoting Q v. Q Challenge. (Next time you see him in the Gloom make sure you give him a fistbump even if it not until 2020!!). It was great seeing Hottub out in the Gloom!! It was my honor to compete this morning against Crankbait, a true HIM!




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