Delegation beats preparation

Delegation beats preparation

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Quaker (Respect), Cross-stitch (AOQ), 1st Base (AOQ) Headgear (Natan), ERC/palm tree, Elmers, Candy Cane, Dough Boy, Teddy Toe Touches, Rubber, Slaughter (Grand Poo-bah)

The Thang:

Got the summons from Cross-Stitch that it was my turn to pay the piper at Bombsquad, so he signed me up for today on the Q sheet. Having frequented this ao, but yet to Q it, it gave me a little push to actually gin something up. Flipping through the exicon, I got some ideas, and thinking back to past workouts padded the rest out. Show up a bit early, to see some already getting some miles on. Circle up, and kick off on time. Some mumblechatter was to be had over Slaughter fartsacking possibly, be rolled in right on time. Kicked off with normal sequence, then split off for some blue falcons: two groups of pax take some time to come up with a 5min beatdown, then have to complete it. Afterwards, each side swaps workouts, and then perform those. Whoever finishes first or does it faster wins. A little confusion ensued, but it was worked out. 1st round was completed, then a second, but PAX spoke up and looked for something else. Being customer service oriented, I whipped up a plan B. Off to big parking lot, line up on the lines, jailbreak across, followed by Lt. Dans, then mosey up to the main drag for obligatory monkey humpers, silver backs, & lbcs. Next up, mosey over to the bleachers for some dips, derkins, and step ups. Lastly, Indian Run back to the flag for some mary. That accomplished, we stretched it out, made our announcements, and prayed out. Honored to Lead

  • Announcments:
  • Plank 1yr 21 April
  • Blood drive 29 April
  • Scavenger hunt 23 April
  • Bs T-shirt Order

Prayers: spoken and unspoken, Ready Mix, and his family