Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

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Viagra (Respect), Chicken Little, Enron, Flyby, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

Rolled into the AO this morning with a fresh and new perspective.  I was on hiatus for a few weeks due to an injury and made a soft return on Tuesday.  After feeling pretty confident in my abilities the Q Sheet was open so i decided to jump right back in!  I arrive at the AO 15 mins early to find Flyby (We’ll talk about him later) waiting patiently.  I went to see if i can find a power outlet for the sound bar, low and behold the city has a whole bunch of them that are not turned off.. so win for me this morning.   I crank up the tunes and get ready for the morning.

My game plan going into this morning was “Quality over Quantity”, after Tuesday’s Q i decided that Form needs to be worked on by many of the Pax.  The majority of Pax sacrifice form to get through an exercise because they are tired, weak or just dont want to do it and its a lot easier to get to 100 Merkins if you are on your knees.  I know we preach Modify if needed, but DO NOT SACRIFICE the movement!  You get no benefit, if you are going to modify change the entire movement to something that can be done right. So Embrace the Suck Boys cause there is no point in doing it if your not going to do it right!

Here we go…


SSH x 20 IC, Tempo Squat x 15 IC, TTT x 15 IC, Imperial Walkers x 20 IC, 22 Merkins on my Down.  Line up on Sidewalk for some  30 Yd Dynamics:

High Knee Skip with Jump Down, Same Back

Butt Kicks Down, High knees Back

Face Beach and Side Lunge Down, Side Lunge back facing same direction

Karaoke Down, and Karaoke Back

Time to Mosey….  I take the pax for a slow mosey to the park and we stop at the Yoga Mat.  I again reemphasize to everyone to focus on form and complete AMRAP for time of each movement.  Here we go:

LBC AMRAP for 60 seconds, Rest 15 seconds

BigBois AMRAP for 60 seconds, Rest 15 seconds

Heels to Heaven AMRAP for 60 seconds, Rest 15 seconds

Flutter Kicks AMRAP for 60 seconds, Rest for 30 seconds

LBC AMRAP again for 60 seconds, Recover

I get the packs up we head to the Tennis Courts for some Agassi’s (2 Court Suicide w/ a twist)

Start at fence and at first line complete 1 FULL FORM Squat and run back, 2nd Line 2 FULL FORM Squats and run back, etc.. etc.. until the last line was 10.  Again emphasizing that form is more important than time.

Next we head off the court to the gazebo for some Bench work out.  Each Pax gets under a table and holds the bottom legs to complete bench press first.  Heres what went down

“BENCH” Press AMRAP for 120 seconds, rest for 15 seconds

“Single Leg” Press AMRAP for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds

“Single Leg” Press AMRAP for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds (the other leg)

“Calf Raise” Press AMRAP for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds

“Calf Raise” Press AMRAP for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds (the other leg)

“Bench” PRess AMRAP again for 60 seconds, RECOVER

At this point we only have about 7 mins left so we mosey back to start for Some PAX Choice

Viagra- 5 Burpees OYO

Chicken Little- Imperial Walkers 20IC

Enron- Monkey Humpers x 45 OYO (What a ****)

Flyby- SSH x 20 OYO


The Mumble chatter what strong this morning.  Great push by all the pax.


SO Im not sure if the latest new join has been mentioned but i want to introduce “FLYBY”.  Tuesday this kid walks up while we are completing 100 burpees and asks what we are doing, i give him a brief explanation and he asks if he can join in.  Bam a Flyby jumps in and completes the workout with us.  He is a 17yo kid whos trying to get back in shape for sports and seems like he may be a bit down on his luck, long story but the guys are reaching out to him.  So this Kid gets in the middle for Name o Rama and Sinkhole (Q on tues) Slaps down “FLYBY” for him name.  And it stuck.  So thats the backstory on that

Announcements- Freed to Bleed PART II!!!

I prayed us out.


Honor to lead.  I hope to see the rest of you in the gloom very soon.




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