Racing Thoughts

Racing Thoughts

Workout Date:





Skid Mark/King Kong/Skid Kong; Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 72 degrees, crescent moon

Last evening 3 PAX HC’d for the 1st post Mini Marathon Race. YHC was first to arrive and had a difficult time exiting the truck. YHC felt somewhat unmotivated. Was it the Blues because the training for the Mini had ended? Was it general fatigue? Or was it the fact that YHC misses the Summer Humidity? Maybe none, maybe all plus some. As I sat in the Gloom, my mind wandered & YHC considered my options if no other PAX showed. Would YHC stay or would YHC go? Would YHC run to The Village or take my chances with the wild beasts that lurk down the Service Road? Would anyone notice if YHC turn around right now and head back home?

Well YHC didn’t have to think too much, as Skid Mark, aka King Kong, aka Skid Kong rolled up next to YHC. Now there were 2 PAX sitting in their trucks having a difficult time exiting into the Gloom. YHC was still having ‘racing thoughts’. As the One Minute Warning approached, YHC reluctantly stepped out his truck and adjusted his headlamp. Skid/Kong continued to sit in his vehicles and it dawned on YHC that I might still be doing a solo run! What kind of thoughts were swirling around Skid/Kong’s head?

Then Skid/Kong stepped out into the Gloom wearing a stylish matching blue Headband & T-shirt ensemble. He definitively looked ready to run but his body language made a different statement.

The good news was that we each came out this morning for the other. We chatted a bit about accountability and gave Hottub a few extra minutes.

5:14 – One Minute Warning

5:15 – Silent Disclaimer

5:16 – No sign of Hottub (apparent alarm malfunction), so the two of us headed out into the Gloom.

Down Frontage Road 2-B YHC asked Skid/Kong if he wanted to continue straight down the service road or hang a left onto Col. Bob Bell Path (CBBP) & take the usual route up & over the Bridge. Without hesitation, Skid/King chose CBBP (apparently he was in no mood for any potential wildlife sightings)

At the bottom of the Bridge, YHC also deferred to Skid/Kong’s better judgment and we took a left past the Barc Parc instead of staying on the CBBP through the Grove and undoubtedly running through early morning spider webs! #AnotherGoodCall

We ran past the YMCA and turned right onto Chapin Claire Epps Road (CCE) until it intersected with 62nd Avenue N. We followed 62nd Avenue N. towards the beach and across Business 17. After crossing we made an immediate left on to the other Frontage Rd which runs parallel to Business 17 and headed north towards the Village.

We entered The Village through the back gate and decided to run the perimeter of the AO. Halfway across the soccer fields we saw The Village PAX (9 Strong) throwing Kegs around. Is anyone else thirsty?? As we passed the PAX, greetings were made and High Fives given. Then we exited the soccer fields and ran through the main parking lot and out the Main Gate.

On 65th Avenue N., we continued east towards the beach for another 4 minutes until the clock struck 5:37 (1/2 way mark) just past the apartment dumpster, old couches, and shopping cart corral to the left. We made a gentle turn and head back the way we came.

There was good fellowship all along our run this morning out and back.  We talked about kids, school, and the Mini Marathon. Out thoughts today were on everything but the run.

Up and over the Bridge we arrived back at the start. Both happy for the accountability of each other, because the Lord knows neither one of us would have ran solo this a.m.!!

Time Called!

YHC prayed us out.


Moleskin: It wasn’t easy to run this morning but each PAX got better. It is difficult to run alone especially if there is not a training goal in sight, like the Mini Marathon. But we each got stronger mentally and physically this morning because Iron does surely Sharpen Iron. #Accountability # F3Counts.




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