Release the Kraken Monday

Release the Kraken Monday

Workout Date:





Sade', Elmers, Backdraft, Speed bump, Candy Cande, Drifter, Humpback, Rubber, Doughboy, Jeter

The Thang:


3 PAX started the morning with a 445 pre-run taking it easy after a weekend of torn hamstrings and Spartan races.

1 Minute warning called

515 time began with Rubber showing up just in time to begin the disclaimer noting 11 PAX total for the beatdown


  • Mountain Climbers
  • LBAC
  • Mountain climbers
  • Tempo squats
  • Mountain climbers
  • TTT
  • Windmill
  • Mountain climbers
  • Harry Rockets
  • SSH

Line Games for approx 25yarda with jog back-

  • Toy soldiers
  • Lunges
  • Bear crawl

The Thang…..

Completed run from AO flag around Avalon neighborhood (approx 1.5miles) with progression of Kraken burpees starting at 1 up to 5 and then back to 1 every 300-400meters. Once Long lap was completed completed:


  • Squat jumps on side 1
  • Big Boys on side 2

Hallelujah short lap completed around church with all arms raised followed by 5 minutes of Mary that concluded with Candy cane suggesting 15 burpees.

beatdown was concluded with nameorama, announcements of lunches in month of August listed under 2ndF slack channel followed by prayers for Jeters aunt and flood victims in Kentucky.

All got better, no one threw up!