Remembering Joey Arditi 9/19/75 – 9/15/2000

Remembering Joey Arditi 9/19/75 – 9/15/2000

Workout Date:





First Base, Judge Judy, Crop Duster, ERC, Tandem, Skimmer

The Thang:

I originally chose Sept 15th to Q as a way to remember the life of my brother Joey who passed away in a car accident 22 years ago 9/15/2000. I swapped Qs with Hedgehog but the theme remained.

I made a commitment to my brother in the days, weeks, and months after his death and continue to do so today: to be the best version of myself that I can be in all aspects of life; fatherhood, being a husband, sports, exercise, work, whatever life throws at me. Some days I succeed, others I fail spectacularly. But I renew my commitment often to make my big brother proud. Has nothing to do with the guy next to you and everything to do with you.

F3 has given me an amazing avenue to honor that promise. Every day we’re out in the gloom, grinding, I have an opportunity to dig down for that extra 5% we all know we have. On the ride home you know when you gave it. My ask of the 6 guys present today (7 counting me) was to give that effort to help me honor the promise I made to my brother. Everyone did.

Skimmer joined me for a 2 lap prerun, then we started. We did a large circuit around the whole AO, with 3 exercises at each of 5 stations:

1- Cross: tempo squat with curb hop x 20; Split squats 10 each leg; jump lunge on curb

2- Corner parking lot: 20 merkins, 15 windmill merkins, 15 diamond merkins

3- Home plate: 30 LBC; 15 slow flutters; 10 iron maiden cross

4- Tire flips: a catapult first as far as I know…. we lined up across from each other. When idle you did SSH. When your mirror was flipping the tire towards you, you did burpees. When it was your turn to flip you flipped it 20 yards across to your mirror. I thought these were a win.

5- Block corner: 30 curls, 25 OHP, 10 bus drivers

finished up with core- pretzel crunch x 20 with 3 second hold; glute bridges with leg extension (Crop Duster); 30 box cutters,15 in each direction (ERC); 15 BBSU (First Base)

Announcements: Hightower memorial 5K in Waterway Palms- Commit to Texas Ranger

Prayers for Pax with Covid and those unning Blue Ridge Relay

Thanks to the guys who came out who helped me renew my promise to my brother