JudeeChop – The Return #4

JudeeChop – The Return #4

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Hoser and Podcast

The Thang:

Conditions: 80s and the humidity was uncharacteristically low.

Prior to #JudeeChop (JC), the trio pre-rucked for 30 mins. at comfortable fellowship pace that helped YHC to warm up the knee and fine tune the #weinke for this morning.

Hoser reportedly had never boxed before and instead of rushing into JC conditioning (martial arts style HIIT exercises that was soft launched 2 Saturdays ago), we spent the time training in boxing fundamentals, stance and strikes (i.e. jab, cross, hook and upper-cut).  At the end of this 30 minute session, Hoser had some skills — quick study!

The regular bootcampers arrived; Geno on Q.  Welcome to F3, disclaimer, warm ups then the same trio headed back to edge of the AO where the other PAX would have lots of space for a classic Geno beatdown.

Really just one training objective today based on day-before-workout conversations with Podcast who was reportedly taking his CCW class later that morning (and has supported this specialty AO from day 1)…

  1. Empty hand defense against edged weapon.  QIC covered:
    • Anatomy and various types of edged weapons.
    • Context and likely slashes.
    • Number 1 self-defense…space.
    • Problems in attempting to engage/defend.
    • Parry/V-step; circular energy beats linear.
    • Making order (some) out of chaos with a secure/multiple stun/improve position chain.
    • High percentage lock (and not before completing the last 2 points!).
    • With an equally high percentage take down…and that’s as far as we got.  There are 2 more steps on this chain that we’ll have to work on next time.

Not as dynamic as other JC workouts, but hopefully the PAX left with nuggets of practical information and technique.

YHC demonstrated to PAX empty hand defense against a handgun (using my 2.0’s nerf gun since my trainer gun has been absconded).  Podcast worked a Kesa Gatame pin on Hoser just for fun!

Time and back to COT.  Geno had smoked his crew!

Overall great attitude, eagerness to learn and helping each other get better!  YHC appreciated Hoser joining us!

This Saturday (at #BombSquad)…some actual Judo…I promise!  YHC will be bringing a JC kid’s workout and stranger awareness training to one of the Tuesday evening 2.0 workouts (Crankbait as AOQ held behind CF rec. center) time and date TBD.

Honor to Q!  Aye!


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