Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm

Workout Date:





Crankbait, The Intern, Single Barrel (FNG), Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: 75 degrees, Low Humidity, then Torrential Rain!!  . . . Perfect

Yesterday after noon YHC was presented with the opportunity to Q this morning due to Skidmark being ill. Yes!!! Saturdays have been strong at BombSquad with double digit attendance each week, but when YHC rolled into the Shovel Flag Lot at 5:55 no one else was there. No worries, we all know the PAX like to arrive at the 1 minute warning. YHC grabbed some cones & some tunes from his truck and then planted the Shovel Flag as an unfamiliar truck pulled into the lot, it was my neighbor 3 doors down the street . . .an FNG!! (Welcome “Single Barrel” – he likes hunting & bourbon, hopefully not at the same time!) Single Barrel had been getting EH’d for over 2 years from Sunshine and other PAX, however, Crankbait sealed the deal and got him to come out! The Intern arrived and then Crankbait as we neared the 1 minute warning. Crankbait assured our FNG that others would be coming in hot just before our designated start time, but the deluge of late arriving PAX never happened!! However, a deluge of a different kind would soon occur. No problem . . .we had all the PAX we needed. Lets get to work!

5:59 – One Minute Warning

6:00 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 2  SSH IC; 20 Mountain Climbers IC; 22 Merkins IC; 17 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 Hillbillies IC; 15 Tempo Squats IC; 5 Core Principles recited by The Intern; 15 LBAC IC; Mission Statement recited by Crankbait; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

The THANG: Mosey across the field heading south, through the tree line, and onto the cart path that encircles Turnberry Apartments. At the intersection of the cart path and Silver Crest Drive the PAX Circled up for 10 Burpees OYO. We then crossed Silver Crest Drive and ran on the running path that parallels Carolina Forest Blvd. As we ran, The Intern could not figure out why are numbers were so low today, after all, “The Weather was perfect & no humidity!”  Maybe the missing PAX were still recovering from Thursday’s beatdown or maybe they knew something we didn’t . . . only time would tell. When we reached the Catholic High School, YHC instructed the PAX to partner up.

DORA 1-2-3: PAX #1 did designated exercise while PAX #2 bearcrawls 20 yrds out and back. Then flip flop until all exercises were completed.

Exercise #1 – 100 Merkins

Exercise #2 – 200 BBS

Exercise #3 – 300 Squats

Note: Everyone pushed hard. YHC was partnered with Single Barrel and when we reach 200 Squats he thought DORA was over!! 100 more squats!! Single Barrel summed up the work out and life in general, “Always know your Goals”  All 4 PAX then teamed up to finish the last 100 squats together. It was then that Single Barrel asked if he could hail an Uber. #NoChance

10 Count

Indian Run back the way we came. At Silver Crest Drive, we hung a left into the development. At the property line between Turnberry Apartments and Avalon, the PAX made a right turn back onto the cart path and followed to the field. So where along this leg of the Indian Run is when we first felt a few large rain drops and heard some thunder off in the distance.

As we ran across the open field, the rain drops became more frequent. We finished the Indian Run at the cover porch.

10 Count

F3 NASCAR: PAX #1 calls out an exercise and runs a loop around the Cross Parking Lot as the Pace Car while the remaining three PAX, the Pit Crew, do said exercise AMRAP until PAX #1 returns.  When PAX #1 returns then PAX #2 calls out an exercise and becomes the Pace Car. Each PAX took one turn being the Pace Car.

Exercise #1 – Merkins . . .Crankbait was the Pace Car

Exercise #2 – Squats . . .Single Barrel was the Pace Car . . .at this point the Heavens opened up and unleashed a torrential downpour! #Deluge

Exercise #3 – Mountain Climbers . . .Quaker was the Pace Car

Exercise #4 – Flutter Kicks . . .The Intern was the Pace Car

YHC was going to continue to work out under the protection of the porch, however, Single Barrel left his keys on the hood of his truck!! He was going to retrieve them solo, however, we are a team and if one PAX goes we all go!!

As we left the protection of the porch, the rain was pelting us and by the time the PAX reached Single Barrel’s keys everyone was completely drenched. It felt great!! There was no longer any thunder or lighting so we circled up in front of the Shovel Flag for a second round of SSH IC!

Might as well show the rest of Carolina Forest how fun F3 is , so we mosey’s single file up to Carolina Forest Blvd and ran parallel in the grass to the main entrance of the Church. At the main entrance we circled up for 10 Merkins IC. #OutsideRainorShine!

After or Merkins were completed, the PAX mosey’d to the back parking lot for Wind Sprints!! We ran directly into the Tempest as the rain pelted our faces and blurred our vision! It was exhilerating!

Sprint to the 1st light pole . . . mosey back

Sprint to the 2nd Light Pole . . . mosey back

Sprint to the Shovel Flag . . .pick up the Six

Mary: 15 Flutter Kicks IC; 15 Hello Dolly IC; 15 Boxcutters IC

Time Called!


Count-o-Rama = 4


Welcome “Single Barrel” into the Circle of Trust

Announcements: The Intern is Qing The Village on Tuesday. This will be his 1st Village Q & his only Village Q  b/c The Intern will be moving to Colorado in 2 weeks!! Fill up Q sheet for July!

Prayers: spoken & unspoken

Moleskin: You never know when the seed you planted will take root or the Sad Clown you’ve been talking to will post for his first beatdown! Keep planting and keep EHing! #Accountability #F3Counts



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