P200 – Right Here & Now!

P200 – Right Here & Now!

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Buffet, Sunshine, Skid Kong, Poe, Hamburglar, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Some mistakenly think that today is Championship Sunday, however, it’s really the 1st day of training for the Palmetto 200. The P200 is a 200-mile team race from Columbia to Charleston. Its an epic grind that test men physically and mentally; sharpening iron with every mile. It encompasses all 3 Core Principles of F3 and is a fantastic event!! This will be the 3rd time Grandstrand PAX will be running this race. We’ll have a solid core of veterans returning and some high impact rookies chompin’ at the bit to show their chops, too!!

The call for HCs went out Thursday night while YHC, Sunshine, Beefsteak, Rubber, and Spork shared some fellowship over appetizers at the Grumpy Monk. All 5 at the time committed without even a slight arm twist and the initial text message to past runners and potential newcomers found the same excitement & response. By midday Friday we almost had a full roster and at least 1 designated driver.

The race is divided into different length legs ranging from 2.3 miles to 9.5 miles. Some legs remind me of movie titles such as “High Noon” and “Midnight Run”, while other intervals resonate with songs such as “Running Down a Dream” and “Danger Zone”. We’ll be competing against runners of all shapes & size and all skill levels. Some run for the glory, others run for fun but in the end we all really just run for 2 tacos & a beer.

Hamburglar, Skid Mark, Poe, Sunshine & YHC have been regularly running each Sunday for 6 to 8; 8 to 10; 10 to 12; even 12 to 14 miles over the past couple of months. An hour here, 2 hours there, whatever felt right; right now! We were training for something, I guess. We just didn’t know what that something was. Now we have a rallying cry and that cry is “The Palmetto 200!!”

Today would be our first official training day!

6 PAX committed, but at the 6:45 start time, only 5 PAX arrived at the Hulk. Where was the missing PAX? I can tell you exactly where he was because that missing PAX was yours truly!!

YHC was running 2-3 minutes late (just couldn’t get out of the house). As I drove down Frontage Road 2B I began beeping my horn in a weak attempt to alert the others that I was almost there. When I arrived, however, the only thing left in the lot were the trucks and cars, no PAX were found.

When YHC jumped out of his car, he thought he saw some faint silhouettes rounding the curve on the service road about ¼ mile away down Frontage Road. It was hard to discerning anything in the pre-dawn gloom, but I figured I’d have as much chance of finding the PAX down the service road as I would in any other direction I could run, so off I went. Even if I guessed wrong, I would still have my trusty tunes stashed in my ‘running pack’ to keep me company.


Frontage Road 2-B to dirt Service Road. This was about a 1 mile stretch. I thought I could catch the PAX by the end of the Service Road, but no dice. As I neared the end of the Service Road, Buffet came running my way. “You finally saw me? Are you picking up the six?” Buffet, “Sorry buddy, but I’m heading back . . .it was good to see you, though!” So there I was still alone and no one knew I was there.

The Service Road led us to the back entrance of the Grande Dunes. Surely I would be able to catch the PAX by the bridge, but no dice. By the time I started to climb the bridge, the other PAX disappeared over the top of the bridge, down the other side and right on to Marina Parkway.

Slowly but surely I continued to close the gap, one step at a time. Finally, as we reached 87th Avenue N. next to the hospital YHC caught up to Skid Kong & Poe. Skid Kong had to do a quick double take to make sure I was not a mirage. It took me roughly 3.5 miles to make up a 4-minute late start!! 2 take aways: (1) be on time and (2) never give up!!

Within another ½ mile I was able to catch the leaders, Hamburglar & Sunshine! We continued south on Marina Pkwy. At 71st Avenue N. we turned right towards the into the neighborhood towards the Intercoastal Waterway. We ran to the end of 71st Avenue N, and took a ¼ turn around the around the round-a-bout; on to a new sidewalk, then turned left onto the run path which parallels the Intercoastal.

We ran about 1 mile along the intercoastal, then exited the run path, and headed start into the YMCA parking lot. Across the parking lot then onto the run path past the Barc Parc. The we took a right onto Col. Bob Bell Path, accelerating up and over the Bridge before sprinting the home stretch back to the Hulk.

So like Van Halen sings, “Don’t wanna wait til tomorrow . . .Why put it off another day? . . .One Step Ahead, One Step Behind Me . . . Right Here & Now”

7:48 – Time Called

The Number: 7 miles, 1 hour, 8:40 pace

5 minute cool down and fellowship.





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