Ring of Fire Around The Village

Ring of Fire Around The Village

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Buffett, Brownbag, Beefsteak, Crankbait, Humpback, Vitamin D, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

YHC arrived at The Village with a minute to spare planted the Iron Flag and announced the 1 minute warning to 2 other PAX who reluctantly exited their vehicles due to the arctic conditions. As the start time approached there was a flurry of activity as the rest of the PAX rolled in! Brownbag planted The Village Shovel Flag and the perfect number  of 7 was achieved  (perfect  because there remains only 7 cinder blocks and 7 pavers on the coupon pile).

Conditions: 34 degrees, clear skies

5:29: One Minute Warning

5:30: Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 16 Imperial Walkers IC; 15 TTT IC; 15 Windmills IC; 22 Merkins IC; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC;  15 LBAC Reverse IC; 15 Cherry Pickers IC; 20 Tempo Squats IC

Indian Run around perimeter of AO . . .Stop at the Coupon Pile . . . grab a paver

The THANG: Ring of Fire -PAX circled up with their coupon and PAX #1 calls out exercise (with or without the paver) and leads 10 reps of the exercise. Then PAX #2 leads same exercise for 10 reps, then PAX #3 leads. . .etc, etc until PAX #7 completes the Ring of Fire for a total of 70 Reps

Ring of Fire#1 – CURLS (Quaker) . . . Mosey to next corner of Parking Lot with blocks

Ring of Fire#2 – Tempo Block Squats (Crankbait); Note: Vit D took the liberty of modifying the 2nd set by having PAX hold Block over head; Humpback modified to regular Squats with Block;  and Beefsteak brought full circle and did low & slow Tempo Block Squats for his set. , , Mosey to next corner of Parking Lot with blocks

Ring of Fire#3  – Overhead Block Press (Vitamin D) #crowdpleaser #1 . . . Mosey to flag poles

Ring of Fire#4 – Merkins on the Block (HumpBack) – everyone was feeling the burn with back to back shoulder exercises #rookiemistake? . . .  Mosey to west Parking Lot for face time along Route 17

Ring of Fire#5 – ManMakers (ABrownbag) – everyone loved the enthusiasm, however, YHC had to modify after 1st set of 10 reps. . .each proceeding PAX lead only a 2 count set (purely due to time restraints, otherwise we would have busted out 70 manmakers #nodoubt) . . . Mosey back to Flag Poles

Ring of Fire#6 – Hello Dolly with Block (Buffett) – everyone got a little uncomfortable when the 1-2 count was modified to an “out-in” count!! (#awkward?!!) . . . Mosey to corner of main Parking Lot

Ring of Fire#7 – Bent-over Rows with Block (Beefsteak).  This was a 4 count exercise, but at PAX #5 Beefsteak called an audible and allowed a 2 count! Buffett (PAX #7) brought it full circle with a slow 4 count set! #welldone . . . Mosey to East Corner of Main Parking Lot

Bonus – Ring of Fire #8 – Each PAX called out an individual exercise and lead the group for a set of 10 reps: Skiers 4ct IC (Quaker); CURLS 4 ct IC (Crankbait); Trusters with Block (Vit D); American Hammers with Block (except Brownbag who modified by sitting on his block); Tricep Extension (Buffett); Block Swings (Beefsteak)

Mosey to coupon pile . . . return pavers . . . mosey to Shovel Flag and Circle Up

Mary: 10 Heals to Heaven IC (Quaker); 10 Big Boy Sit-ups IC (Brownbag); 10 Supermans (Vit. D)

Time Called!

Announcements: P200 – need 12 for full team (looking to have 14 -15 HC’s) . . .still need 3 more HC’s to get to 12; F3 Leadership Course will be held each Thursday at 5:30 am at The Village (see Vitamin D for details and check slack, twitter, email, & website)

Prayers for Vit D’s Father-in-Law & One Call’s Father; general prayers for PAX and unspoken





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