Riviera….6in at a time…

Riviera….6in at a time…

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Hoedown, Bluegrass, Mayhem, Grasspatch, Run Off, Wonton, Etch A Sketch, Mudslide, Peach, Bling

The Thang:

1st Q ever at Riviera!  Been there a few times to workout, but this time had the honor of leading these Conway Crazies for a beatdown.  Arrived about 0500 to go thru my Q/distances/timing/etc.  Noticed 6-7 cars in the lot already- and realized these boys like their pre-beatdown runs!  Very impressive to see- although not sure they all follow the same direction/distance.  (as there were runners coming/going thru the lot, crossing streets, coming from behind buildings/ all over!). But nice work boys.  46 and clear- nice nip in the air….

1 minute warning/Disclaimer…….here we go!


22 Merkins IC for the Vets


15 sec plank- form!


30 sec plank- form!

20 arm circles forward and 20 backward IC

45 sec plank

20 flutters IC

1 minute plank…….

Thang-    Mosey to the end of the lot/shopping center.  Noticed a nice wall at the end we could take advantage of!

partner 1- wall sit

partner 2- 50 crunches (partner 1 will count for #2- to ensure no cheating!). then switch.

Round #2.  partner 1- wall sit

partner 2- 50 squats (same routine boys). then switch

Round #3- partner 1 wall sit

partner 2- 50 plank jacks- then switch

Line up on the straightaway in front of center- Karaoke to the church entrance, then backward run to end (about 150 yards). line up on the curb as a group for 25 Calf raises IC.  tough to keep balance, we all grabbed each others shoulders to help- nice work!

Keep same partners for the straightaway going the opposite direction.

Round 1- partner 1- 100 yard mosey to church entrance, 1 burpee and back

partner 2- 300 flutters (2 count). Complete as a 2 man team, plank on the 6

Round 2- partner 1 75 yard mosey, 2 burpees and back

partner 2- 300 squats, complete and plank

Round 3- partner 1- 50 yard mosey, 3 burpees and back

partner 2- 300 crunches- complete and plank.  AWESOME work by all

Karaoke halfway down straightaway, backward run to finish the 150 yards.  Turnaround and repeat back!  Last straightaway back was a jailbreak- Hoedown easily smoked Bluegrass on this sprint!  Impressive!

got the 4 minute warning for ending, just enough time for some 6”.  5 rounds of mixing it up, moans…. 30 sec Superman IC, 3 more rounds of 6”, then 22 more Merkins IC to end it for our Vets…..Time.

Name-O-Rama, Announcements:  Adventure race (lots of training going on!) fill out the Q sheet for Riveria and Republic, (I will get on that as well) and complete the BB on time- this is all part of the Q process Grasspatch laid out quite beautifully!

prayers- Wonton’s dad, Shannon (grasspatch friend) Bluegrass family, unspoken.  Circle up to pray for all of us- awesome.




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