Roll Roll the Tire Gently Across the AO!

Roll Roll the Tire Gently Across the AO!

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


Cross Stitch (AOQ). Lombardi(R), Killington, O'Douls, ERC, Speedbump, Laces, Spork

The Thang:

So having been AWOL from the Bombsquad Q sheet, I took the con on a nice Monday in August. I show up at 10 past the hour, to see 3 pax in the gloom standing guard over the Shovel Flag. Seeing how my plan would necessitate 8 pax minimum, it was a welcome sight to see the next 5 wander in. With the requisite number of PAX on deck, we moved into our warmup of HAIRY ROCKETTES, SSH, MERICANS, and other necessary calisthenics, we took a long mosey to the block pile, where we retrieved a tire, and 6 blocks. With the necessary accessories we ambled over to the big parking lot where the scheme of maneuver was initiated: group A of 4 will conduct a beatdown in the big parking lot, while group B conducts a long Indian Mosey around the property. The beat down consisted of 1HIM rolling the tire to the first line where PAX 2 was conducting curls, with PAX 3 at the next line conducted squats, with PAX 4 at the final line performing overhead presses. Each PAX would conduct these exercises until the tire got to them, then they would swap out with the tire rolling HIM. When the second group came back from there mosey, they switched into the parking lot beatdown. Rinse, wash, and repeat until 10 till 6. At that time, coupons were racked, mary was conducted, and a COT was held. Honored to lead.


Cocktail hour thursday, please SC/HC. Christmas Party coming up, check slack for a poll to decide on a preference, and freed to bleed 23 SEP.

Prayers: Sick PAX, Spoken and Unspoken.