Round and Round, Up and Down

Round and Round, Up and Down

Workout Date:





Rousey, Huey, Castaway, TinyDancer, Valvano, Lombardi, Boxcar, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Elevation Monday

Conditions: Cold 33 degrees

It was another cold morning.  Spring is teasing us and when it’s less than 40 degrees, its hard to get out of bed.  I get it Bling and Hoser, if I wasn’t on Q, I might have #fartsacked as well.   But I made it out along with 7 of our F3 brothers.  We have different workouts for the PAX because some PAX like running, some like rucking, some like boot camps, heck, some don’t even like working out at all but they still show up.  We are #FreedToLead and #EM came about when a few of us realized that running or rucking events outside of the beach usually involve some hills and Valvano wanted to give us all an opportunity to train for elevation changes.  Runners have been mostly absent from these beatdowns but they are more than welcome to attend.  Today, the 8 of us had rucks and Sandbags…mostly 60lbrs.

Drop Rucks

Sandbag 1/2 track.  Drop sandbag.

Mosey 1/2 lap.


HighKnees x20 IC


Ruck the curve and drop rucks.

Sprint the straight.

Sandbag carry the curve.  Drop Sandbags.

Sprint the straight.

Run the stadium (no bags or rucks).

Sandbag carry the straight. Drop Sandbags.

Sprint the curve.

Ruck the straight and curve.

Ruck the stadium.

Ruck the stadium back. Drop rucks.

Sprint the straight.

Sandbag carry the stadium back. Drop bags.

Sprint 1 lap.

Rucks and Sandbag carry the straight. Drop the Sandbags.

Ruck 1 lap.  Drop Rucks.

Run the stadium (no rucks or bags).

Sprint the straight.

Sprint the straight (again) and mosey back.


– HotYoga Workout this Thursday.  Disclaimers will be sent to those on the roster.

-GrowRuck22 Training – 3/20 0400 – Lombardi will lead a 12 mile ruck.  Details on Slack.

Prayers – Prayers for Flo; he is three weeks into Basic at Ft Benning.  Also prayers for Disconnect and Weasel as they serve our country. Prayers for our families, specifically, older 2.0s and their decisions.   Prayers for sick and injured PAX.

Great push by all!  We moved about 3 miles.  These type of beatdowns work well when the PAX push themselves through the sprints and stadiums.  Everyone pushed hard.  Tiny Dancer and Castaway crushed it…but Castaway is only half as old as Rousey so he should. Tiny Dancer crushed a Robbie Miller with Flash and Fergie yesterday and still killed us on the sprints. He must have taken Fergie out because he wasn’t here today…did anyone check on him?  Valvano kept talking about how much taller he is than me.  Huey was talking about his glory days playing ball.  Lombardi and Rousey hate running but say they like these workouts.  Boxcar claims he is still injured so he does half of the stadiums but can still sprint and ruck.  Overall it was a great time!  Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

-Headgear out!

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