Rucking for 3

Rucking for 3

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Cubby, Chicken Little, Weasel (QIC)

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Weather- Humid, Muggy

The Edge!!! My first Q at the new AO.  Super excited.  After a brutal weekend of workouts (8K and AOQ handover at Timeshare, IPC Wk 2 at the Plank on sunday) I decided to keep the trend going and get out of the fartsack for Monday.  Nothing too exciting this go around, just some clean good ol’ fashioned rucking..

Left Eggs Up Parking lot right at 0500 and headed towards lowes, cut through the parking lot and out to 17, turned in at the Walmart Rd, and pushed in and around to 6th Ave. North.  From there we went down to the beach and turned south on 17.  Stopped in the Parking Garage for 8 Stories of Stairs and then headed out… back around to main street and all the way back to the AO.  Thats it.  Plain and simple.

3.25 Miles w/ (1) Parking Deck Climb took 58 Minutes.  Not a killer pace, but enough to get the week started.  If you are hesitant about getting into rucking because of the HUNKS down south at waverucker, come up to the north end and ease your way into it.

Count o Rama, Name o Rama, COT



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