Rucking intro for NMB

Rucking intro for NMB

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Beaker, Cubbie, Viagra, Barbie, Flop

The Thang:

This Saturday was the CSAUP known as THE FOX in Hartsville.  We had a team that was going to compete but decided not to and discussed have a long Ruck at home instead.  I completely forgot about this commitment when I reached out to Beaker to take the Q for Timeshare.  I was told of my mistake at Wave Rucker by Hoser (the finest City of Myrtle Beach Firefighting Training Officer I know) but I had already committed to the Q.  This will serve as my official apology.  I gathered up some extra Rucks for newbie HCs and prepared a Winkie.


30 degrees.  Windy

I pulled in to the AO just before our 5am start time as my wonderful daughter (Seams) decided to leave the car with an empty tank of gas.  This put me a few minutes behind schedule.  All 4 of HC PAX were already waiting.  The Rucks were divided up and we were off for our Pre Ruck.  What better way to experience Rucking for the first time (Beaker has experience thru the Adventure Race) than a long walk on the beach.  We found out that the pier at Cherry Grove is 2.6 miles from the AO.  It was the perfect distance to turn around and head back. The wind in your face on the way out made for a more enjoyable, warmer and quicker pace on the way back. We made it back to the AO in time for a quick break and see if any other PAX wound post for the Beat down.  None did so we got right to it.

The goal was 400 reps total, 10 different exercises (40 reps of each).


Flutter Kicks


Ruck Curls

Overhead Press



Ruck Swings

Triceps Extensions

Bear Crawls

We broke the exercises up as we Rucked another 1.2 miles to the park and then toward the beach and back.  Beaker had to leave about half way thru (Family duties).  We also used several different carries on our Ruck; Overhead, Farmers Carry, Rucks on front and mixed in a few sections of double time.  We saved the Bear Crawls for the last 50 yards back to the AO.


Prayer Request – injured PAX

2 for Coffeteria


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