Rucking is Wicked Fun

Rucking is Wicked Fun

Workout Date:





Bling, OneCall, Lombardi, Fergie, Huey, Hoser, Jeter (FNG), Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

Monday morning while getting ready for #ElevationMonday YHC ran across a FB post on the GORUCK Tribe page asking about ruck groups in Myrtle Beach.  We traded texts and he was all in on joining us for #WaveRucker – he just needed a weight and a ride.  A couple quick texts later and Fergie volunteered to play Uber driver #HIM!  As the PAX congregated in the beautiful Forbus parking lot, we made sure everyone had a sandbag (thanks Hoser – #HIM), but left them behind as we got started.

Start with a ruck around the lake.  YHC explained that we’d work into it, but push the pace towards the halfway point.
YHC forgot the Disclaimer, but gave it on the move to Jeter as well as a very brief intro to F3.  OneCall filled in the gaps and the website can help with the rest.

Headed right around the lake until we got about halfway around.  YHC called to drop rucks and circle up for:
10 Slow Windmills IC
10 Merkins OYO
Ruck back up and Hoser was tasked with setting the pace back to the trucks and he kept us at just over 14:00/mile.  1.56 miles total

Now that we’re warmed up, we grabbed sandbags and regrouped on Forbus Ct.

Sandbags were front carried to the first light pole and dropped on the left side of the street (LEFT Fergie)
Ruck back to start and then back to sandbag
5 SB OH Press
Front carry SB to the next light pole
Rinse/repeat in suicide manner until sandbags make it to the far end of Forbus.  5 stops, 25 OH Press total, approximately 1.35miles

With sandbags so far from the truck, we had to get them back in the same manner
Still front carry, but 5 curls at the stops
Rinse/repeat until back at the original start.  5 stops, 30 curls since YHC screwed up on the directions, approx 1.35 miles

Still time to spare, so drop the sandbags at the trucks and head to the track

Leave rucks behind for 200m run, 20 merkins, 200m run, 20 merkins.   0.25 miles
1 lap recovery ruck.  0.25 miles
Bling pushed the pace on the recovery lap, so we had some time to spare.
Mosey 1 lap – aim for sub-2:00.  0.25 miles
All PAX finished by 2:20 – solid effort at the end of the workout!

Total approx mileage: 5.01 miles

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 8
–  Freed to Bleed
–  GrowRuck – SIGN UP
–  12 mile ruck on 3/20 @ 0400 – meet at Lowes Food off International – Lombardi will send PreBlast
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